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Storage system environment information

You can display information about the storage system environment, including shelf status and temperature, storage system component information, storage system temperature, and devices attached to the storage system.

You use the environment command displays the following types of information about the storage system environment:
  • Shelf status and temperature
  • Storage system component information
  • Storage system temperature
  • Devices attached to the storage system
You can query information about the following items:
  • Disk shelves
  • The storage system power supply
  • The storage system temperature
Data ONTAP runs the environment command under the following conditions:
  • Once every hour. In this case, no output is displayed or logged unless abnormal conditions exist.
  • Whenever an environment threshold in the storage system is crossed.
  • When you enter the command from the command line.

You run this command manually to monitor the storage system subsystems, especially when you suspect a problem and when reporting abnormal conditions to technical support.

For more information about the environment command, see the na_environment(1) man page.