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What you can display in BMC advanced mode

The BMC advanced commands display more information than is available in administrative mode, including active BMC network services, storage system events logged by the BMC, and BMC battery information.

The following table provides a quick reference of the command syntax for the additional BMC commands that you can use in advanced mode.
BMC advanced mode command syntax Description
battery {show | flash} Displays BMC battery information or performing a forced update of the battery firmware.

You use battery flash if the automatic battery firmware upgrade process has failed for some reason.

events clear Deletes all storage system events logged by the BMC.
service info Displays active BMC network services.
system reset [primary | backup] Reboots the storage system using primary or backup firmware.
Note: You use the system show command in BMC mode to display the firmware in use. You use the backup firmware to reboot the storage system if the primary firmware is corrupted and cannot be used for booting.
Note: Advanced commands are potentially dangerous. Use them only when directed to do so by your technical support personnel.