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System console log and the BMC

The BMC monitors the storage system console regardless of whether administrators are logged in or connected to the console. When storage system messages are sent to the console, the BMC stores them in the system console log, which resides in a 64-KB buffer in its main memory.

The system console log can store approximately 1,000 lines of system console messages. When the buffer is full, the oldest messages are overwritten by the newest messages.

The system console log persists as long as the BMC has power from either of the storage system’s power supplies. Since the BMC operates with standby power, it remains available even when the storage system is power-cycled or turned off.

When a “down filer,” a system hang, or a reboot loop condition occurs, the system console logs are attached to the AutoSupport messages sent by the BMC, regardless of the state of the autosupport.content option.

You display the contents of the system console log with the BMC CLI system log command.

Note: Entering the BMC CLI command system log is only recommended from the SSH interface, because the 9600 baud serial console interface is very slow to display the entire log.