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Command output provided by the AutoSupport message

Each AutoSupport message contains output of commands that provide system information.

The following table lists the commands that have output provided in the AutoSupport message and whether they are displayed when autosupport.content is set to minimal.
  • Commands that show both verbose and regular options print as verbose if the verbose option is set for that command.
  • Some commands are applicable only to the licensed protocols, and some are advanced commands.
Command name Displayed in minimal mode
aggr status yes
aggr status -v yes
availtime yes
cf hw_assist stats
cf monitor all yes
cf rsrctbl verbose
cf timers
cifs domaininfo
cifs sessions -t -c
cifs shares -t
cifs stat yes
df -A yes
df -i -L yes
df -L yes
df -r -L yes
df -S
disk shm_stats ata yes
disk show -n
dns info
ems event status yes
ems log status
environment status all yes
fcp config
fcp show adapter -v
fcp show cfmode
fcp show initiator -v
fcp stats
fcp status -v
fcstat device_map yes
fcstat fcal_stats yes
fcstat link_stats yes
httpstat yes
ic stats error -v yes
ic stats performance yes
ifconfig -a
ifstat -a yes
igroup show -v
iscsi alias
iscsi connection show -v
iscsi initiator show
iscsi interface show
iscsi isns show
iscsi nodename
iscsi portal show
iscsi security show
iscsi session show -p
iscsi stats
iscsi status
iscsi tpgroup show
lun config_check -s -A
lun show -v
lun stats -a -o
nbtstat -c
netstat -s
nfsstat -C
nfsstat -d yes
nis info
options yes
perf report -t yes
portset show
priority show
priority show default -v
priority show volume -v
qtree status -i -v
raid_config info showfdr yes
sasstat adapter_state yes
sasstat dev_stats yes
sasstat expander_map yes
sasstat expander_phy_state yes
sasstat shelf yes
sis status -l
snap list -n
snap list -n -A
snap reserve yes
snap reserve -A yes
snap sched yes
snap sched -A yes
snap status
snapmirror destinations -s
snapmirror status -l
snapvault destinations
snapvault snap sched
snapvault status -b
snapvault status -c
snapvault status -l
snet stats -v yes
storage show adapter -a yes
storage show disk -a yes
storage show expander -a yes
storage show hub -a yes
storage show initiators -a yes
sysconfig -a yes
sysconfig -c yes
sysconfig -d yes
sysconfig -D yes
sysconfig -M
sysconfig -r yes
version -b
vfiler run * cifs domaininfo
vfiler run * cifs sessions -t -c
vfiler run * cifs shares -t
vfiler run * cifs stat yes
vfiler run * vscan
vfiler run * vscan options yes
vfiler run * vscan scanners
vfiler status -a yes
vif status
vlan stat
vol media_scrub status -v yes
vol scrub status -v yes
vol status yes
vol status -c yes
vol status -l
vol status -v yes
vscan options yes
vscan scanners
wafl catalog stats -lp
wafl swarmstats