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Restoring a storage system configuration

You can restore storage system configuration information from a backup configuration file.


Illegal entries in the configuration file might cause attempts to fail and error messages to occur when using config restore -v to restore volume-specific configurations. If this happens, edit the configuration file in the default /etc/configs directory to remove the illegal entries.

For instance, the error message "Error setting option: Invalid operation on flexible volume vol_name" could result from a configuration file containing the text options.vols.vol_name.raidsize, where vol_name is not a traditional volume and thus an illegal entry that should be removed from the configuration file.


  1. Enter the following command: config restore [-v] config_file

    -v enables you to restore volume-specific configuration files, as well as storage system-specific configuration files.

  2. Reboot the system to run commands in the /etc/rc file.

Example config restore command

The following is an example of the config restore command restoring the backup configuration file from the default /etc/configs directory. config restore 08_02_2004