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Loading groups from the lclgroups.cfg file

When groups are created, they are placed in the lclgroups.cfg file. Normally, this file is for administrative reference only. It is not used to reload groups into the system memory. However, sometimes you need Data ONTAP to reload this file, for example, when you are migrating a storage system or a vFiler unit.


Using this procedure unloads the current groups from memory before loading the new file; currently configured groups will no longer be available unless they are also configured in the new file.

To perform this operation, the user must belong to a group that has the security-load-lclgroups capability.

Do not edit the lclgroups.cfg file directly to add or remove groups. Use the useradmin group command to administer groups.


  1. Using a client, copy the new lclgroups.cfg file to the /etc directory, giving it a different name.
  2. Enter the following command: useradmin domainuser load new_lclgroups.cfg_filename

    new_lclgroups.cfg_filename is the name of the new lclgroups.cfg file you created in Step 1.

    The groups in the current lclgroups.cfg file are unloaded from memory and the groups in the new lclgroups.cfg file are loaded into memory. In addition, the current lclgroups.cfg file is moved to lclgroups.cfg.bak, and a new lclgroups.cfg file is created from the file you specified.