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Displaying and setting the system time zone

Data ONTAP enables you to display the system time zone. It also enables you to set the system time zone and save the setting for use on subsequent boots.


  1. Access the storage system command line through the console or through a Telnet session.
  2. Enter the following command: timezone [name]

    The name argument specifies the time zone to use. Each time zone is described by a file in the storage system’s /etc/zoneinfo directory. The name argument is the file name under /etc/zoneinfo that describes the time zone to use. If no argument is specified, the current time zone name is displayed.

    For more information, see the na_timezone(1) man page.


    The following commands set the time zone to the time zone file /etc/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles and display the set time zone.

    toaster> timezone America/Los_Angeles
    toaster> timezone
    Current time zone is America/Los_Angeles