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Controlling storage system power from the RLM

The RLM's system power command enables you to turn the power on or off or to power-cycle the storage system remotely.


The system power cycle command turns system power off and then back on. The power supplies provide a standby voltage that is always present, even when the storage system is off. This keeps the RLM running without interruption. However, turning the power off or power-cycling the storage system may cause an improper shutdown of the storage system (also called a dirty shutdown).


  1. Enter the following command at the RLM prompt: system power cycle


    RLM toaster> system power cycle
    This will cause a dirty shutdown of your appliance. Continue? [y/n]

    A warning message indicates that issuing the system power command is not a substitute for a graceful shutdown using the Data ONTAP halt command.

  2. To turn off the storage system, enter y.

    A few seconds later, the storage system is turned back on, and the boot environment prompt appears. In the meantime, the RLM prompt awaits your next command.