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Using the serial port to access the storage system

You can access a storage system directly from a console that is attached by a cable to the system's serial port.


  1. At the console, press Enter.

    The storage system responds with the login or password prompt.

  2. If the storage system displays the login prompt, do one of the following:
    • To access the storage system with the system account, enter the following account name:root
    • To access the storage system with an alternative administrative user account, enter the following:username

      username is the administrative user account.

    The storage system responds with the password prompt.

  3. Enter the password for the root or administrative user account. If no password is defined for the account, press Enter.
  4. When you see the system prompt followed by a system message, press Enter to get to the system prompt.


    toaster> Thu Aug 5 15:19:39 PDI [filer: telnet_0:info]: root logged in from host:

    Press Enter.


    Note: You can abort commands entered at the console by pressing Ctrl-C.