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Format for rsh commands with user name and password

The format for rsh commands that include a user name and, optionally, a password is as follows: rsh -l username [:password] host_command

The following example illustrates an rsh command entered with a user name and a password: rsh -l root:figby cifs shares

Attention: Passing a password in this manner is a security risk, especially for UNIX clients. On many UNIX clients, this command can be visible to other users on the storage system who run the ps program at the same time the command is executed.

On any client, the password is visible in plaintext over the network. Any program that is capturing network traffic when the password is sent will record the password. To avoid exposing the password, log in as root on a client listed in the storage system’s /etc/hosts.equiv file and issue the command.

If you want to take advantage of role-based user authentication, use SSH.