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What the RLM does

The RLM command line interface (CLI) commands enable you to remotely access and administer the storage system and diagnose error conditions. Also, the RLM extends AutoSupport capabilities by sending alerts and notifications through an AutoSupport message.

Using the RLM CLI commands, you can perform the following tasks:
  • Remotely administer the storage system using the Data ONTAP CLI by using the RLM’s system console redirection feature
  • Remotely access the storage system and diagnose error conditions, even if the storage system has failed, by performing the following tasks:
    • View the storage system console messages, captured in the RLM's console log
    • View storage system events, captured in the RLM's System Event Log
    • Initiate a storage system core dump
    • Power-cycle the storage system (or turn it on or off)
    • Reset the storage system
    • Reboot the storage system

The RLM extends AutoSupport capabilities by sending alerts and “down system” or “down filer” notifications through an AutoSupport message when the storage system goes down, regardless of whether the storage system can send AutoSupport messages. Other than generating these messages on behalf of a system that is down, and attaching additional diagnostic information to AutoSupport messages, the RLM has no effect on the storage system’s AutoSupport functionality. The system’s AutoSupport behavior is the same as it would be without RLM installed. The AutoSupport configuration settings and message content behavior of the RLM are inherited from Data ONTAP.

In addition to AutoSupport messages, the RLM generates SNMP traps to configured trap hosts for all “down system” or “down filer” events, if SNMP is enabled for the RLM.

Hardware-assisted takeover is available on systems that support RLMs and have the RLM modules installed and set up. For more information about hardware-assisted takeover, see the Data ONTAP Active/Active Configuration Guide.

The RLM supports the SSH protocol for CLI access from UNIX clients and PuTTY for CLI access from PC clients. Telnet and RSH are not supported by the RLM. Telnet and RSH protocols are not available on the RLM, and system options to enable or disable them have no effect on the RLM.

Note: The RLM ignores the ssh.idle.timeout option and the console.timeout option. The settings for these options do not have any effect on the RLM.