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Online help at the RLM CLI

The RLM online help displays all the available RLM commands when you entering the question mark (?) or help at the RLM prompt.

The following example shows the RLM CLI online help:
RLM toaster> ?
If a command has subcommands, you can see them by entering the command name after the help command, as shown in the following example:
RLM toaster> help events
events all
events info
events newest
events oldest
events search
For detailed help, enter the command followed by the question mark (?) or -h option. Help is displayed if the command does not have subcommands. The following example shows the result of entering -h as an option for a command that has subcommands.
RLM toaster> events -h
events all - print all system events
events info - print system event log information
events newest - print newest system events
events oldest - print oldest system events
events search - search for and print system events