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RLM access using "naroot"

The RLM does not allow you to log in with the system administration account name of "root". If you want to log in to the root account, use the name "naroot".

If you are prompted for a password, enter the storage system root password.

To provide additional security against unauthorized access to the storage system, create a unique password for the system administration account (root) for storage systems with an RLM installed.

Using the naroot password provides an additional layer of security by:
  • Preventing probe or hack attacks using a known login name
  • Disallowing any special firmware privileges for a user logged into the RLM

When you use the naroot password, the RLM firmware disables root logins on the RLM. The Data ONTAP root account is mapped to a user named naroot. Additional administrative users can be created using Data ONTAP’s useradmin commands.

For more information about configuring your storage system to use SSH with SecureAdmin, see the na_secureadmin(1) man page.