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RLM admin mode command syntax summary

The RLM commands in admin mode enable you to perform most of the tasks supported by the RLM.

The following table provides a quick reference of the command syntax for the RLM commands you can use in admin mode.
RLM admin mode command syntax Description
events {all | information | newest | oldest | search string} Displays storage system events logged by the RLM.
exit Exits from the RLM command line interface.
help [command] Displays a list of available commands. If a command is specified, displays the subcommands available for that command or its syntax usage.
priv set {admin | advanced | diag} Sets the privilege level to access the specified mode.
priv show Displays the current privilege level.
rlm reboot Reboots the RLM. This action takes approximately one minute.
rlm sensors [-c] Displays the RLM environmental sensor status. The -c option, which takes a few seconds to display, shows current values, rather than cached values.
rlm status Displays RLM status.
Note: The Data ONTAP sysconfig command displays both the storage system and RLM status.
rlm update http://path Updates the RLM firmware.
system console Logs in to Data ONTAP CLI. Use Ctrl-D to exit.
system core Dumps the storage system core and resets the storage system. This command has the same effect as pressing the Non-maskable Interrupt (NMI) button on a storage system.
Note: The RLM stays operational as long as input power to the storage system is not interrupted.
system power {on | off | cycle} Turns the storage system on or off, or performs a power cycle. Standby power stays on. Using the system power command may cause an improper shutdown of the storage system. When power-cycling, there is a brief pause before power is turned back on.
system power status Displays status for each power supply, such as presence, input power, and output power.
system reset {primary | backup | current} Resets the storage system using the specified firmware image.
Note: The RLM stays operational as long as input power to the storage system is not interrupted.
version Displays the RLM version information, including hardware and firmware information.