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Methods for administering a storage system

You can use CLI, the RLM or the BMC, Windows, configuration files, FilerView, the DataFabric Manager software, or the Manage ONTAP Developer SDK software to administer a storage system.

  • Command execution through the storage system’s CLI

    The storage system's CLI enables you to execute all Data ONTAP administrative commands, with the exception of some Windows server administrative commands.

    You can access the storage system’s command line from:

    • A serial terminal connected to the console port of the storage system
    • An Ethernet connection to an RLM or a BMC installed in the storage system (not available for all platforms)
    • A Telnet session to the storage system
    • A remote shell program, such as the UNIX rsh utility (provides access for a limited set of commands)
    • A secure shell application program, such as SSH, OpenSSH for UNIX
  • Command execution through the RLM or the BMC

    The redirection feature of the RLM or the BMC enables you to remotely execute all Data ONTAP administrative commands.

  • Command execution through Windows

    You can use Windows commands to perform system administrative tasks related to Windows network operations. You can also use a secure shell application program, such as PuTTY.

    You can execute Windows commands that affect the storage system using native Windows administration tools such as Server Manager and User Manager.

  • Configuration file editing

    You can edit configuration files to supply information that Data ONTAP needs to perform certain tasks.

    You can access configuration files by mounting the root directory of the storage system on a UNIX client or by mapping the administrative share (C$) to a drive on a Windows client, then editing the file from the client.

  • Command execution through FilerView

    You use FilerView to perform most administrative tasks from a Web-based interface. You can use FilerView whether or not you purchased a license for the HTTP protocol.

  • DataFabric Manager software

    DataFabric Manager is a simple, centralized administration tool that enables comprehensive management of enterprise storage and content delivery infrastructure. This suite of tools, which runs on a management server, consolidates tasks that would otherwise require separate steps and allows for a set of optional modules that provides specific additional functionality.

    You must purchase the DataFabric Manager license to use this product. For more information about DataFabric Manager, see the DataFabric Manager Information Library on the NOW site.

  • Manage ONTAP Developer SDK software

    The Manage ONTAP SDK contains resources necessary to develop third-party applications which monitor and manage storage systems. The kit contains libraries, code samples and bindings in Java, C, and Perl for the new ONTAPI programming interface set. A NetApp storage system simulator which runs on Linux or Solaris, which simulates the NetApp storage system to a very low level, is also available as a separate distribution. For more information, see the Network Appliance Advantage Developer Program at