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Data ONTAP commands for the BMC

Data ONTAP provides bmc commands that allow you to manage the BMC, including setting up the BMC, rebooting the BMC, displaying the status of the BMC, and updating the BMC firmware.

The following table describes the Data ONTAP commands for the BMC. These commands are also described in the na_bmc(1) man page.
Note: When you enter some of these commands, there might be a pause of a few seconds while the storage system queries the BMC. This is normal behavior.
Data ONTAP Command for the BMC  
bmc help Displays the list of bmc commands available with the current release of Data ONTAP.
bmc setup Initiates the interactive BMC setup program to configure the LAN settings.
bmc status Displays BMC status.
Note: The Data ONTAP sysconfig command displays both the storage system and the BMC status.
bmc test autosupport Sends a test e-mail to all recipients specified with these options:
  • autosupport.enable
  • autosupport.mailhost
  • autosupport.from
  • autosupport.noteto
bmc reboot Reboots the BMC and causes the BMC to perform a self-test. Any console connection through the BMC is lost.
Note: Upon a BMC reboot, the console connection through the BMC is briefly interrupted. The console window may freeze for a few seconds.
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