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Online help at the BMC CLI

The BMC online help displays all the available BMC commands when you entering the question mark (?) or help at the BMC prompt.

The following example shows the BMC CLI online help:
bmc shell -> ?
bmc config
bmc config autoneg [enabled|disabled]
bmc config dhcp [on|off]
bmc config duplex [full|half]
bmc config gateway [gateway]
If a command has subcommands, you can see them by entering the command name after the help command, as shown in the following example:
bmc shell -> help events
events all                            Print all system events
events info                           Print SEL(system event log)                                          information
events latest [N]                     Print N latest system events
events oldest [N]                     Print N oldest system events
events search [attr=N]                Search for events by                                          attribute/value pair
events show [N]                       Print event N