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Network interface information you can display

You might want to display statistics about your network interface status and performance. Data ONTAP provides several commands that you can use to display this information

The following table lists these commands and the information they display.

Command Information displayed
ifconfig -a
  • Interface status (up or down)
  • Configuration parameters
  • Packets sent and received
  • Collisions and other errors
  • Negotiated media type settings between storage system interfaces and link partners
  • Active sockets for each protocol
  • Memory buffer (mbuf) pool usage
  • Protocol-specific statistics for all protocols or a single protocol
  • Cumulative or continuous packet traffic for all interfaces or a single interface
  • Routing tables
  • Whether the TCP capability is handled by a TCP offload engine (TOE) device

For more information, see the man pages on your storage system for these commands or see the Data ONTAP 7.3 Command Reference Guide.

You can also use FilerView to display selected interface and routing information.