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                             Photograph on left  by A/P K. Russell                                                                                                           Graduates of the BMathEd Program at Loftus (Southern Sydney) 2007

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  • I have held many leadership positions within the School (SMAS) , my current leadership role is that of the Off-Campus co-ordinator. This position includes the management of off-campus staff and the running of the mathematics subjects at the off-campus sites.

    Also I was Director of UOW MALCT International Workshop "Mathematics Applied to Liquid Crystal Technologies." 2008

    My current research area of liquid crystals is at the cutting edge of applied mathematics in nonlinear optics, photonics and signal processing, and in nonlinear waves in general. The great attraction of liquid crystals in photonics is their "huge" nonlinear response, which means that nonlinear effects can be observed over distances of millimetres, and so compact signal processing devices which exploit this nonlinear response can be developed. The propagation of nonlinear guided waves (nematicons) within these liquid crystal media is of great interest as a test bed for photonic devices.

    Stemming from my international interdisciplinary links and collaboration with Dr. N.F. Smyth (Edinburgh University, Scotland) and Professor A.A Minzoni (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico), we have developed the only existing successful analytical theory for nematicon evolution in nematic liquid crystals. Our research grouping is unique in developing an analytical theory based on the actual equations governing nematicons. This has generated the interest of the leading experimental groups Professor Assanto, Rome Tre University, Italy) ( working on self-guided waves in liquid crystals. The results derived in this body of research are not possible using any other existing mathematical methods.

    In 2006, this joint international research resulted in the awarding of a UK EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) grant worth £117,610 over 3 years (equivalent to an ARC Discovery Grant) to further develop and extend research in this general area.

    In general, my on-going research focuses on solitons and solitary waves, including the development of methods to analytically describe solitary wave evolution, with particular emphasis on the inclusion of the radiation (i.e. noise) shed as they evolve. In addition, I have also published research on a wide variety of fields, ranging from applications such as optical fibres and liquid crystals to theoretical areas, such as particle physics, water waves, oceanography and mathematical biology, in particular, Davydov solitons (a mechanism for energy propagation along DNA chains).

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  • Teacher dedication and enthusiasm have developed through my multi-layered experiences as a student, a long term tutor and lecturer. This expertise has its basis in a strong commitment to professional and research activities which continue to enrich relevant skills through a wide range of teaching and learning accomplishments, such as joint teaching grants, presenting and publishing papers, the development of Computer Aided Learning modules, coordinating diverse subjects in alternative degree structures and service teaching in, non-traditional areas particularly engineering and the sciences.

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  • My teaching philosophy is really simple, the success and ongoing future of the students is paramount, I have been fortunate enough to have experience a unique opportunity through UOW, my aim is to give back what I received. My teaching philosophy is best expressed by one of my graduates ... .

    "Annette's passion and enthusiasm for mathematics awoke in me my love and respect for it . . .' "Annette has demonstrated what is meant to be an educator . . ' "She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her students are performing to their absolute best. .'

    I believe this to be true.

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  • Faculty of Informatics OCTAL Teaching and Learning Award in 2007.

    Team Leader Nomination for Sessional OCTAL Teaching and Learning Award in 2009.

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  • Contact : Dr Annette Worthy,
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