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Robert Marsh Westmacott in South America
1851 and 1858


Robert Westmacott was working in South America during 1858 as surveyor on the construction of a new railway line between Racife and the Sao Francisco River, near Pernambuco, Brazil. He also passed by Cape Horn in 1851, during the return voyage to England from Australia. The following is a list of drawings taken by Westmacott during his time in South America. Copies of the National Librayr of Australia Nan Kivel material can be viewed at the Picture Australia website.

1. Pernambuco Railway, the first tunnel 1 mile 3/4 [1858]
Pencil - 17.5 x 25.3cm - NK762/47
View looking towards the hill where the first tunnel for the Pernambuco railway was constructed. Workers and site office in the foreground.

2. On the railway, the birds are the gangangs of large size and will kill the largest snakes [1858]
Pencil & Watercolour - 17.4 x 25 - NK762/50
View of the railway line passing through the swampy land in the vicinity of Pernambuco. Gangangs in the foreground.

3. "Jabato" Bridge. "Jabato" Bridge, Pernambuco Railway, all of Iron. Built at Newcastle [1858]
Pencil - 17.5 x 25.3 - NK762/59
View of the all-iron railway bridge at Jabato, with a steam train crossing.

4. "Villa da Cabo", nr Pernambuco, Brazils [1858]
Pencil - 25.2 x 34.6 - NK762/51
Scene of the road through Villa da Cabo, looking towards the mountain range in the distance.

5. The wooden bridge which unites "Pernambuco" to "Saint Antonia" [1858]
Pencil - 17 x 24.9 - NK762/57
View of the wharf at Pernambuco, with shipping in dock and residents upon the street and harbour forecourt.

6. Coaster, Pernambuco, S.America [1858]
Sepia Wash - 17 x 25.5 - NK762/62
Sepia wash drawing of a double sail, coastal vessel, with four man crew. Red streamers are flying from the mast.

7. Fishing Catamaran, Pernambuco, S.A. [1858]
Sepia wash - 17.1 x 25.5 - NK762/64
Sepia wash drawing of a single sail, fishing vessel. Red streamers flying from the mast.

8. "Pernambuco" on the Coast of Brazil in Lat 8.5.S Long 34W contains 60,000 inhabitants, the Town is large, streets narrow, some fine Churches, some beautiful Villas in the Environs - a Ledge of Rocks runs in paralel line about 1/4 mile in front for about 220 miles, forming a natural Harbour, for vessels drawing 15ft Water. The Light House stands on the North extremity, the exports consists of Cotton, Sugar, Hides, Spices, etc, etc, 1858 The finest Diamonds come from this locality. This is about the hottest part of the World, seldom under 90o and often 120o
Sepia Wash - 11 x 34.1 - NK762/66b
A coastal panorama, adjoining NK762/66a, of Pernambuco, on the east coast of South America.

9. The Yellow Fever hospital [1858]
Pencil & Wash - 15.6 x 24.5 - NK762/44
View looking across a harbour towards the Yellow Fever Hospital, possibly in Pernambuco. Tropical palms in the foreground.

10.Town of " Olinda ". [1858] " Olinda " - 4 miles from Pernambuco (North) appropriated to convents and colleges. 8.S.Lat.
Sepia Wash - 11 x 34.1 - NK762/66a
A coastal panorama, adjoining NK762/66a, of the town of Olinda, on the east coast of South America.

11. Lake on the top of a mountain 20 miles inland and 2000ft above the level of the sea [1858]
Pencil - 14.2 x 22.7 - NK762/52
View from the edge of the lake, looking towards a conical shaped mountain in the distance. Two European figures with guns are included in the foreground.

12. The Female Convict Settlement of Brazils. The island of Fernandez Norohna 3 S.Lat 33.W. Longt. [1858]
Pencil - 10.8 x 58 - NK762/54
Coastal view of the island of Fernando Norohna.

13. Isle of "Rodondo", Brazils. The Island of "Rodondo", Brazils, much infested with poisonous Snakes, Reptiles & Insects [1858]
Pencil - 17.5 x 25.3 - NK762/60
View from the sea, looking towards Rodondo Island , with shipping and a steamer in the foreground.

14. Rio Janeiro, seat of government, Brazils. St Sebastian, long 42.39W 22.54S lat. Serpent Island [1858]
Pencil - 21.9 x 116 - NK762/69
A panorama in 4 sections of the harbour of Rio Janeiro.

15. "Teneriffe" showing the fort. In trying to take this, Lord Nelson lost his Arm and the Union Jack from the Bows of his Boat which is now hung up in the cathedral at " Santa Cruz " [1858]
Sepia Wash - 17 x 25.4 - NK762/67
Coastal view looking south along the sea cliffs towards Teneriffe. The Fort is shown in the right foreground.

16. The Islands of St Vincent & St Antonio. St Antonio & St Vincents, Cape Verde Islands [August, 1858]
Pencil - 7.8 x 50.6 - NK762/65
A panorama in two sections. The Cape Verde Islands are situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Spain. They were popular ports of call for ships last century bound for the Americas, Australasia and India.

17. Cape Horn, the Southern extremity of South Americaœ. Straits of Magellan 300 Miles. Iceberg. Diego Romianor Small Island off Cape Horn. Lat 56.8 Long 70 W. At October. For some days it is continually dry. For sometime it was this as we passed for 84 hours [1851]
Pencil - 16.1 x 25 - DLPX53 f.23
This view was taken whilst on the return journey to England aboard the Mountstuart, following Westmacott's disastrous episode as General Superintendent to the Australian Agricultural Company. The Mountstuart would have passed Cape Horn during October 1851.

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