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Section 10: Scene & Intertitle Listings

Part 1


The following is a detailed description of Fritz Lang's 1927 silent film classic Metropolis, broken down scene by scene, intertitle by intertitle. It is presented in four parts, with approximately 2000 lines briefly describing individual scenes and intertitles. The information contained in the table below is based primarily on the Digital Disc Entertainment (DDE) 1998 Video CD version of the film, run at 24 frames per second and deriving from an early 1960s American version of the film. Additional material is sourced from the Harry Davidson tinted print in the National Film and Sound Archives, Canberra, Australia (videotape copy run at 16 frames per second), and the Munich FilmMuseum restoration of 1995. Other assorted editions were also consulted, including the Georgio Moroder version of 1984. The times given within the table (minutes : seconds) refer primarily to the DDE version, with times from other versions given in brackets where extra scenes are included. Times associated with the original November 1926 edition of the film (as contained in the German intertitle card listing) are also indicated for comparison. They highlight the substantial discrepancies which now exist between the director's original cut - which ran for 228 minutes @ 16 frames per second, and extant versions of the film such as the Georgio Moroder edition which runs for only 83 minutes @ 24 frames per second. This represents a decrease of some 45% on the original film length.


The following codes / abbreviations are used within the table. Intertitle text is indicated in bold. Material associated with the 1926 Berlin Censor's Office intertitle card listings are in red. References to '1927 Tint' are as contained in the 'Harry Davidson' print, Canberra, Australia.

? - Missing scene

A27 - National Film and Sound Archives (ScreenSound), Canberra, Australia - Harry Davidson print

B/W - black and white

C26 - Berlin Censor's Office, Intertitle Card listing, November 1926

DDE - Digital Disc Entertainment CD Video 1998 - copy of Griggs Moviedrome edition of circa 1969

DYB - Dark yellow-brown tint

G69 - German television edition 1969

J86 - Jeff Films edition 1986

M84 - Georgio Moroder edition 1984

P95 - Enno Patalas' reconstruction / Munich Filmmuseum 1995

P-P - Purple-pinkish tint

Y-B - Yellow-brown tint

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Part 1: Opening Titles to Georgy at Yoshiwara (Rolls 1 - 2, 57 minutes)



Start Time

Scene / Intertitle details

1927 Tint

Rolle 1 C26 0.00 [538 metres - 29 minutes 18 seconds at 16 fps]  
Channing Pollock Prologue A27 0.00 Adapted by Channing Pollock B/W
  A27 0.08 An UFA Master Production / Directed by Fritz Lang B/W
  A27 0.11 Architecture and Settings: Otto Hunte, Eric Kettelhut, Karl Vollbrecht / Photography: Karl Freund, Günther Rittau B/W
  A27 0.25 Metropolis / From the Story by Thea von Harbou Red/Brown
  A27 0.40 Cast / John Masterman ...... Alfred Abel / Eric, his son ..... Gustav Froelich / Rotwang ..... Rudolf Klein-Rogge / Mary ..... Brigette Helm / Joseph ..... Theodor Loos / Number 7 ..... Heinrich George B/W
  A27 1.02 We live in a world of material achievement B/W
  A27 1.11 Still picture of cityscape from above Olive
  A27 1.17 Our generation has seen great strides in Science ... Invention ... Mechanical Proficiency. B/W
  A27 1.30 Still picture of machines Olive
  A27 1.40 We measure the distance to a star a billion miles away ... but have our aspirations lifted themselves nearer to the stars? B/W
  A27 1.56 Picture of telescope Olive
  A27 2.05 Our inventions turn out millions of luxuries ... all alike ... made by millions of men we are making more and more alike B/W
  A27 2.22 Still picture of row of cars off production line Olive
  A27 2.28 We have created amazing machines ... and used them to destroy our fellow men. B/W
  A27 2.41 Still picture of battleship guns Olive
  A27 2.50 But what of our hearts and minds? B/W
  A27 2.55 Where are we going? B/W
  A27 3.00 Shall we come to a reality like this visioned city of the future? B/W
  A27 3.10 [Introductory title graphics] Metropolis B/W
  G69 0.00 E.J.A Pietrek / zeigt / Perlender Filmkunst / Metropolis / eine Ufa-Produktion aus dem Jahre 1926. B/W
Georgio Moroder Prologue M84 0.00 The year is 2026, a Dickensian "best of times, worst of times," where total oppression and manipulation of the masses is wielded by the unquestionable power of the few. B/W
  M84 0.16 Far below the City of Metropolis is the Underground City where machines are operated by the workers who live even further below. Day after day, in mechanical routine, they are forced to the limits of human endurance. B/W
  M84 0.30 Fritz Lang made this film in 1926. Against his wishes the film was subsequently shortened for its American release which left the story disjointed, difficult to comprehend and caused the loss of many scenes, most of which have disappeared forever. B/W
  M84 0.46 By following the original script, the novel of the film, recently discovered missing pieces of the film and photographs, Metropolis has been restored as close to its original conception as possible. B/W
  M84 1.02 Metropolis is now presented with a contemporary score, sound effects and colour. B/W
  M84 1.15 Lang once said: "To begin with I should say that I am a visual person. I experience with my eyes and never, or only rarely, with my ears - to my constant regret." B/W
  M84 1.32 Georgio Moroder presents B/W
  M84 1.36 Fritz Lang's ……. B/W
Opening credits C26 Metropolis B/W
DDE 0.00 Metropolis / Directed by Fritz Lang / 1926 B/W
  DDE 0.16 Produced by UFA / Script by Thea von Harbou / Photography by Karl Freund and Gunther Rittau / design by Otto Hunte, Eric Kettelhut and K. Vollbrecht / Effects by the Eugen Shuftan Process B/W
  DDE 0.29 Sound by Robert E. Lee B/W
  DDE 0.35 Cast / Brigette Helm - Maria / Gustave Frolich - Freder / Rotwang - Rudolph Klein-Rogge / The Master of Metropolis - Alfred Abel B/W
Opening graphics DDE 0.47 Metropolis animated graphic - Metropolis Olive
  DDE - Animated graphic - fades to cityscape with face in building Olive
  DDE - Fades to machinery and gears operating Sepia
  DDE 1.30 10 hour clock counting down to zero Sepia
  DDE 1.35 Fades to machinery and gears operating Sepia
  DDE 1.38 10 hour clock counting down - reaches zero Sepia
  DDE 1.42 Steam whistle - end of shift Olive
Change of shift C26 2 - - 1 Schicht. [Shift] B/W
  A27 4.45 Shift B/W
  DDE 1.48 The Day Shift B/W
  G69 1.03 Die Tagesschicht B/W
  M84 2.39 The shift change B/W
  M95 Steam whistle - end of shift Olive
  DDE 1.52 Men changing shifts (close view) - no movement - gates rise - walking up white bricked corridor to lift, and out of lift down corridor - all stooped, marching slowly as a group Y-B
  DDE 1.59 Men changing shifts (long view) - men begin to walk Y-B
  DDE 2.12 Men changing shifts (side view) - one group walking, the other shuffling Y-B
  A27 5.22 Long view of men changing shift Y-B
  DDE 2.18 Steam whistle - start of new shift Y-B
  DDE 2.19 Lift 219 - men entering (view from behind) Y-B
  DDE 2.25 Men changing shifts (side view) - walking past each other Y-B
  DDE 2.32 Men entering lift 219 - gate goes up Y-B
  DDE 2.36 Close up of stooped men in lift - lift goes down - men stooped Y-B
Underground city C26 3 - - 1 Tief unter der Erde lag die Stadt der Arbeiter. [Deep underground lay the city of the workers] B/W
  A27 6.25 Deep down under the earth lay the workmen's city B/W
  DDE 2.51 The workers' city, far below the surface of the earth B/W
  G69 2.02 Die Stadt der Arbeiter tief unter der Erdoberfläche. B/W
  M84 3.25 The workers' city, far below the surface of the earth B/W
  DDE 2.56 Close up rear view, looking out of the lift, of stooped men in lift going down - arrive at underground city Y-B
  DDE 3.22 Front view of lift arriving - gate goes down - men march out Y-B
  DDE 3.38 Long shot of 3 lifts and men exiting in groups Y-B
  DDE 3.46 Rear shot of groups of men walking from lifts towards central square and buildings of underground city (fade out) Y-B
Masterman Stadium C26 4 - - 1 So tief die Stadt der Arbeiter unter der Erde lag, so hoch über ihr türmte sich der Haüserblock, der "Club der Söhne" hiess, mit seinen Hörsälen und Bibliotheken, seinen Theatern und Stadions. [As deep as the worker's city lay underground, so high above it towered the complex known as the Club of the Sons, with its lecture-rooms, libraries, theatres and stadiums.] B/W
  A27 8.25 As deep as the workmen's city lay under ground, so high above it towered the Masterman Stadium - gift of John Masterman the richest man in Metropolis. B/W
  G69 3.12 Und hier hoch oben ein paradiesischer Garten für die Söhne der Herren von Metropolis. B/W
  M84 4.14 As deep as The Worker's City lay underground, so high above towered the City of Metropolis and its stadiums, built for the sons of the chosen few. B/W
  A27 8.47 Long shot of right side of stadium, with crowd of men gathered by the running track starting line doing exercises BWSO
  A27 8.54 Close up of man talking - claps his hands together and calls them to gather round and prepare for start of race BWSO
  A27 8.58 Long shot of stadium, with athletes lining up at starting line BWSO
  A27 9.01 Close up shot of man raising hand to signify start of race BWSO
  A27 9.02 Ground shot along starting line of men crouched, ready to begin race BWSO
  A27 9.03 Close up shot of man dropping his hand and shouting "Go" BWSO
  A27 9.04 Long shot of stadium, with athletes setting off on race BWSO
  A27 9.09 Front shot of bare chested runners, with Freder in front - falls behind BWSO
  A27 9.11 Long shot of stadium - crowd runs off screen to left, towards finishing line BWSO
  A27 9.14 Long shot of left side of stadium - crowd arrives at finishing line BWSO
  A27 9.22 Front shot of runners, Freder in front BWSO
  A27 9.24 Long shot of left side of stadium - crowd at finishing line - runners finish, Freder first BWSO
  C26 5 - - 1 Väter, für die jede Umdrehung eines Maschinenrades Gold bedeutete, hatten ihren Söhnen das Wunder der Ewigen Gärten geschenkt. [The fathers - for whom every turn of a machine-wheel meant gold - created for their sons the wonder of the Eternal Gardens] B/W
  A27 9.30 But athletics were not the only diversions of gilded youth in Metropolis. B/W
  DDE 4.03 And high above, a pleasure garden for the sons of the masters of Metropolis B/W
  G69 3.13 Und hier hoch oben ein paradiesischer Garten fur die Sohne der Herren von Metropolis. [And here high above, an idyllic garden for the sons of the lords of Metropolis] B/W
  M84 4.59 Other diversions were to be found in the Eternal Gardens of Pleasure. B/W
Pleasure Garden A27 9.39 Long shot of Pleasure Garden grove - Majordomo calling girls to him, underneath weird structure P-P
  C26 6 - - 1 Majordomo: "Wer, meine Damen, hat heute den Vorzug, Herrn Freder, Joh Fredersens Sohn, Gesellschaft zu leisten?" [Who today, my ladies, has the honour to be the companion of Mister Freder, son of Joh Fredersen?] B/W
  A27 9.52 Close up of two girls - one on the left asks a question of the Majordomo P-P
  A27 9.56 Girl with hat practices her curtsy P-P
  A27 9.59 Girl with skirt gestures P-P
  A27 10.02 Long shot of girls in grove gathered round Majordomo - some disperse P-P
  A27 10.06 Close up shot of Majordomo talking to girls and asking hat girl to turn around P-P
  A27 10.13 Hat girl spins slowly around P-P
  A27 10.15 Close up of Majordomo showing girl how to turn around P-P
  A27 10.19 Hat girl turns P-P
  A27 10.20 Long shot of grove - girl runs in from right of screen chased by Freder - other girls playfully protect her and taunt him - the pair run off to left of screen P-P
  A27 10.54 [Fountain sequence begins] P-P
  DDE 4.10 Freder chasing girl past (behind) fountain - peacock in front - Freder looses her and comes to front P-P
  DDE 4.15 Girl standing behind fountain hiding - raises arms and shouts out to Freder P-P
  C26 7 - - 1 Pleasure Woman: "Freder - ! Freder - !" B/W
  DDE 4.18 Pleasure Woman: "Freder!" B/W
  G69 3.24 Pleasure Woman: "Freder!" B/W
  DDE 4.20 Freder turns to screen P-P
  DDE 4.21 Girl with arms raised behind fountain P-P
  DDE 4.22 Close up of Freder smiling as he looks for her P-P
  DDE 4.23 Shot of fountain P-P
  DDE 4.24 Girl on right side of fountain P-P
  DDE 4.25 Freder on left side of fountain P-P
  DDE 4.27 Shot of fountain - Freder and girl running around it P-P
  DDE 4.28 Freder talking through water from fountain P-P
  DDE 4.29 View of girl through water of fountain P-P
  DDE 4.31 Freder splashing hand in water of fountain P-P
  DDE 4.32 Shot of fountain - Freder and girl running around it P-P
  DDE 4.33 Girl on right side of fountain - Freder enters from behind P-P
  DDE 4.35 Girl on left side of fountain P-P
  DDE 4.36 Freder splashes from right side of fountain P-P
  DDE 4.36 Girl on left side of fountain - getting splashed P-P
  DDE 4.37 Freder on right side of fountain - runs round to front P-P
  DDE 4.38 Freder and girl embrace in front of fountain - she struggles - says No No - Freder prepares to kiss her P-P
  DDE 4.47 Close up of Freder and girl embracing - circle around P-P
  DDE 4.54 Long shot of doors - peacock in front P-P
  DDE 4.55 Freder looks up P-P
Maria and Children A27 11.30 Every day, a little party of workmen's children were given an hour alongside the boundaries of their homes ... and, today, their guide had opened an unfamiliar door. B/W
DDE 4.57 Long shot of doors opening - Maria opens doors and enters P-P
  DDE 5.05 Freder takes arms from around girl - looks towards Maria and children P-P
  DDE 5.09 Long shot of Maria and children entering through doors P-P
  DDE 5.18 Closer shot (iris) of Maria entering, with arms around children P-P
  A27 11.51 Long shot of Maria and children P-P
  DDE 5.27 Long shot of Freder and girl in front of fountain, staring at group - girl enters from left and others gather around P-P
  A27 12.02 [+ girl in dress enters from right, claps hands to break them out of their spell in staring at the group] P-P
  DDE 5.30 Close up of Maria, staring hypnotically towards Pleasure Gardens - surrounded by children P-P
  DDE 5.34 Freder staring at Maria, with girl holding on to him from behind - Freder moves towards group, pushes girl away gently P-P
  DDE 5.37 Closer shot of Maria surrounded by children and speaking - she raises her arms P-P
C26 8 - - 1 Maria: "Seht, das sind Eure Brüder!" [Look, these are your brothers!] B/W
  A27 12.22 Maria: "Look, children - these are your brothers - your sisters!" B/W
  DDE 5.40 Maria: "Look, these are your brothers." B/W
  G69 4.44 Maria: "Dies sind alles Deine Brüder." B/W
  M84 6.45 Maria: "Look, children, these are your brothers and sisters." B/W
  DDE 5.43 Maria turns head and looks down to children - points out people in Pleasure Gardens P-P
  C26 9 - - 1 Maria: "Seht - - !" [Look - - !] B/W
  A27 12.35 Maria: "Look!" B/W
  DDE 5.48 Long shot of group in Pleasure Gardens, staring intently at Maria and children P-P
  C26 10 - - 1 Maria: "Das sind Eure Brüder!" [These are your brothers!] B/W
  A27 12.40 Maria: "These are your brothers - your sisters!" B/W
  DDE 5.51 Freder staring at Maria, with girl behind P-P
  DDE 5.54 Close up of Maria's face - begins to smile and look forlornly towards him P-P
  DDE 5.59 Freder staring at Maria, with girl behind P-P
  A27 12.56 Maria and children P-P
  A27 13.00 Servants enter from the right and left P-P
  A27 13.04 Long shot of grove - Majordomo walking briskly towards group, waving his arms for them to be removed P-P
  DDE 6.01 Long shot of Maria and children, with servants surrounding them - Majordomo enters from left - walks back and forward urging servants to remove the group P-P
  DDE 6.11 Close shot of Maria and children, with servant on left moving them towards the door - Maria confronts man, indicating by her look that he should not touch the children - he looks at her, cowers, and steps back P-P
  A27 13.28 [+ Maria stares at men entering from right - they cower back] P-P
  DDE 6.15 Close shot of Maria's face - hand on heart - staring out of screen P-P
  A27 13.38 Freder staring at group, hand on heart - girl behind speaks gently to him P-P
  DDE 6.18 Shot of Maria and children, surrounded by servants - she looks down, turns around and ushers the children towards the door P-P
  DDE 6.29 Close up shot of Freder, clutching his heart as he looks on - girl tries to get his attention, but he gently pushes her away P-P
  DDE 6.37 Long shot of doors closing and group exiting, followed by servants P-P
  DDE 6.42 Shot of Freder stepping down from fountain and walking towards Majordomo and doors P-P
  A27 14.28 [+ shot of girl standing alone by fountain] P-P
  A27 14.34 Freder approaches Majordomo at steps - Majordomo explains and apologises P-P
  A27 14.40 Side view of Freder and Majordomo talking - Freder asks a question P-P
  C26 11 - - 1 Freder: "Wer - was das?" [Who was that?] B/W
  A27 14.50 Freder: "Who was that?" B/W
  DDE 6.44 Freder: "Who was that?" B/W
  G69 5.44 Freder: "Wer war das?" B/W
  DDE 6.46 Freder standing on steps near door - approached by Majordomo as doors close P-P
  A27 14.52 Side view of Freder and Majordomo talking - Majordomo answers P-P
  A27 14.55 Majordomo: "No one who could possibly interest the son of John Masterman - she comes from the workmen's homes." B/W
  DDE 6.50 Majordomo: "Just the daughter of a worker." B/W
  G69 5.50 Majordomo: "Nur die Tochter eines Arbeiters." [Just the daughter of one of the workers.] B/W
  M84 7.28 Majordomo: "Only the daughter of some worker." B/W
  A27 15.08 Freder and Majordomo - Majordomo rubs his bald head with a handkerchief, due to stress and running P-P
  A27 15.15 Eric had often thought of the workmen who toiled in the depths - had wondered how they lived - and why nobody seemed to care. B/W
  A27 15.28 Shot of Freder thinking, Majordomo to left of him P-P
  A27 15.40 Panoramic shot of Pleasure Gardens P-P
  DDE 6.52 Freder clutches hands to chest as Majordomo looks on from left - he walks briskly off to left of screen P-P
  DDE 6.57 Freder walks towards doors - he walks through - fade out P-P
Machine rooms and Moloch C26 12 - - 1 Dies aber war das Erleben Freders - Joh Fredersens, des Herrn über Metropolis, Sohn - - auf der Suche nach dem Mädchen: [But this, however, was the experience of Freder - son of Joh Fredersen, the Master of Metropolis - during his search for the girl:] B/W
  A27 16.20 As mysteriously as she appeared so she had vanished - and Eric, in his futile search, came on the threshold of a strange world. B/W
  G69 6.05 Die gewaltigen Maschinen in der Tiefe und hoch über ihnen die Stadt. [The powerful machines in the depths and high above them the city.] B/W
  DDE 7.06 The great machines, far underground, yet high above the workers' city. B/W
  M84 7.42 As mysteriously as she came so she vanished. In Freder's desperate search for her he came upon the threshold of an alien world. B/W
  DDE 7.14 Freder walking amongst machines - long shot Y-B
  DDE 7.28 Freder at ground level, walking between concrete bases, looking up - startled by large machine Y-B
  DDE 7.32 Moloch machine (long view) - working in rhythm Y-B
  DDE 7.40 Close up side view of Moloch machine Y-B
  DDE 7.44 Close up front view of workers at Moloch machine Y-B
  DDE 7.48 Close up front view of workers at Moloch machine, looking upwards Y-B
  DDE 7.51 Close up front view of workers at Moloch machine Y-B
  DDE 7.53 Moloch machine (long view) Y-B
  DDE 7.58 Man working at Moloch dials and levers Y-B
  DDE 8.02 Close up of elderly man struggling with Moloch dials and levers - falls on to knees Y-B
  DDE 8.07 Temperature / pressure gauge rising Y-B
  DDE 8.13 Man struggling with dials and levers Y-B
  DDE 8.16 View from above of man struggling with dials and levers Y-B
  DDE 8.18 Temperature / pressure gauge rising Y-B
  DDE 8.22 View from above of man panicking as he watches gauge rise Y-B
  DDE 8.25 Hand reaches for relief valve Y-B
  DDE 8.28 Temperature / pressure gauge rising Y-B
  DDE 8.30 Moloch machine (long view) Y-B
  DDE 8.38 Temperature / pressure gauge rising Y-B
  DDE 8.40 Moloch machine (long view) - steam emitted constantly Y-B
  DDE 8.48 Freder at ground level, walking between concrete bases, looking up at Moloch machine and workers Y-B
  DDE 8.49 Moloch machine (long view) Y-B
  DDE 8.52 Temperature / pressure gauge rising to limit Y-B
  DDE 8.53 Moloch machine (long view) - increase in steam output within machine Y-B
  DDE 8.54 Gas explosion blow worker backward Y-B
  DDE 8.55 Freder runs towards explosion - is blown backwards against wall Y-B
  DDE 8.57 Moloch machine (long view) - explosion - men thrown about Y-B
  DDE 8.59 Close up of Moloch steam explosion - bodies Y-B
  DDE 9.01 Moloch machine (long view) - explosion - bodies Y-B
  A27 19.20 Freder on ground - clutches back - begins to get up Y-B
  DDE 9.03 Base of Moloch machine- worker with shredded clothes, others on ground Y-B
  DDE 9.06 Freder on ground - gets up Y-B
  DDE 9.07 Steam and Moloch transformation begins Y-B
  DDE 9.12 Close up of Freder staring at Moloch machine Y-B
  C26 13 - - 1 Freder: "MOLOCH!" B/W
  DDE 9.15 Freder: "MOLOCH!" B/W
  G69 8.08 Freder: "MOLOCH!" B/W
  DDE 9.16 Moloch transformation - slaves on steps Y-B
  A27 19.55 In these hungry machines, Eric saw that ancient God into whose fiery mouth the Phoenicians drove their human sacrifices. B/W
  DDE 9.22 Close up of Freder against wall - raises hands to face Y-B
  DDE 9.26 Medium shot of slaves being fed to Moloch by overseers and masked men. Close up of entrance with two masked figures on either side Y-B
  A27 20.25 Very close up view of slaves being dragged up stairs Y-B
  A27 20.30 Medium shot of workers thrown into Moloch Y-B
  DDE 9.34 Freder raises arms and shields himself from the view - throws up arms and shouts Y-B
  DDE 9.36 Long view of slaves being fed to Moloch by overseers with wips - followed by lines of workers - transformation back to machine begins Y-B
  DDE 10.21 Moloch transformation back to machine Y-B
  DDE 10.21 Freder on knees against wall - raises arm towards scene of disaster Y-B
  DDE 10.24 Long shot of injured workers being carried off Moloch machine, down steps - new workers arrive to take their place Y-B
  DDE 10.32 Workers on stretchers and in arms being carried past Freder as he leans against wall, clutching his heart - he gets up and approaches them - no-one notices him Y-B
  DDE 10.52 Moloch machine - last injured workers removed - new workers carry on Y-B
  DDE 11.02 Freder looks up at machine - runs off to right of screen Y-B
  DDE 11.07 View of stairway, Freder running towards white limousine BWS
  DDE 11.10 View of Freder at open door of limousine - talking to driver BWS
  C26 14 - - 1 Freder: "Zum Neuen Turm Babel - zu meinem Vater - !" [To the New Tower of Babel - to my father - !] B/W
  A27 22.55 Freder: "To my father." B/W
  DDE 11.11 Freder: "To my father." B/W
  G69 9.08 Freder: "Fahren Sie mich zu meinem Vater!" [Take me to my father!] B/W
  DDE 11.13 View of Freder getting into limousine - it pulls away BWS
  A27 23.03 [End of scene] -
Rolle 1 - end C26 29.18 [538 metres - 29 minutes 18 seconds at 16 fps] -
Rolle 2 - start C26 29.18 [515 metres - 28 minutes at 16 fps] -
Metropolis cityscape DDE 11.16 Overhead carriageways in Metropolis cityscape - workers walk by on lower carriageway - white limousine drives by on upper carriageway Sepia
  DDE 11.32 View of Metropolis street and aerial carriageways - workers walking on lower carriageway - trains go past, planes and zeppelin flying by Sepia
  DDE 11.40 View in Metropolis looking down on cars in street and trains Sepia
  DDE 11.44 View of Metropolis cityscape with New Tower of Babel in background Sepia
Joh Fredersen's Office A27 24.26 Long shot of Joh's office, looking towards Josaphat in background, with Joh's desk on the right Y-B
  A27 24.30 John Masterman - Brain of Metropolis B/W
  A27 24.34 Joh walks past secretaries twice - thinking and dictating - they frantically take notes Y-B
  DDE 11.57 View from Joh Fredersen's desk looking towards large window which looks out on Metropolis - Joh enters from left, thinking and dictating Y-B
  DDE 12.04 Josaphat frantically taking notes in front of stock machine Y-B
  DDE 12.08 View from rear of Joh walking past Josaphat at work on the left - he turns, and walks towards screen, thinking and dictating Y-B
  A27 25.13 Three male secretaries take notes frantically - one wipes his mouth and forehead Y-B
  A27 25.22 Joh walks towards screen - Josaphat in background Y-B
  A27 22.23 Close shot of Joh thinking Y-B
  A27 22.23 Freder opens door and enters Y-B
  DDE 12.26 John Fredersen, the Master of Metropolis. B/W
  G69 11.10 John Fredersen, der Herr von Metropolis. B/W
  M84 12.24 Joh Fredersen, The Master of Metropolis. B/W
  DDE 12.31 Joh with hand raised, dictating - looks towards door, startled Y-B
  DDE 12.32 View of Freder entering office by door Y-B
  DDE 12.33 Freder: "Father!" B/W
  G69 11.16 Freder: "Vater!" B/W
  DDE 12.35 Rear view of Joh, using his hand to signal Freder to stop and be quiet Y-B
  DDE 12.36 Freder stops, catches door from slamming shut Y-B
  DDE 12.39 Rear of Joh standing still - thinking, then dictates Y-B
  A27 25.30 Josaphat looks towards Freder, then to Joh with apprehension Y-B
  DDE 12.42 Three male secretaries take notes Y-B
  DDE 12.44 Rear of Joh - dictating - begins walking again Y-B
  DDE 12.48 Freder at door - waits for father and clutches at ribs Y-B
  DDE 12.52 Josaphat looks at Freder then back to machine - turns off machine Y-B
  DDE 12.57 Josaphat approaches Freder at door - speaks to him - asks him what is wrong Y-B
  DDE 13.06 Freder hugs Josaphat and tells him what he has seen - expresses concern - Josaphat looks towards Joh - Josaphat consoles Freder Y-B
  DDE 13.22 Joh walks left to right, deep in thought - looks towards Freder and Josaphat Y-B
  DDE 13.25 Freder explains to Josaphat what he has seen at machine room Y-B
  DDE 13.26 Joh looks on sternly - goes back to his dictating - walks off screen - walks back on - looks towards Freder and Josaphat Y-B
  DDE 13.36 Freder becomes more animated as he explains what he has seen to Josaphat Y-B
  DDE 13.37 Joh goes to speak Y-B
  A27 26.55 Joh: "Such accidents will occur." B/W
  DDE 13.38 Joh: "Such accidents are unavoidable." B/W
  G69 12.18 Joh: "Solche Unfalle sind unvermeidlich." [Such accidents are inevitable] B/W
  DDE 13.43 Freder turns towards his father with sign of joy - Josaphat looks on fearfully - Freder shouts "Father" - runs towards him Y-B
  DDE 13.46 Freder grabs hold of his father's shoulders, tells him of his feelings - Joh looks towards Josaphat sternly Y-B
  A27   Josaphat adjusts tie anxiously and looks away from Joh Y-B
  DDE 13.54 Joh stares, bites lip, and walks towards Josaphat Y-B
  DDE 13.58 Joh walks towards Josaphat - puts hands in pockets and stares at him Y-B
  DDE 14.04 Close up of Joh looking sternly at Josaphat - asks question Y-B
  C26 1 - - 2 Joh: "Wie kommt es, Josaphat, dass ich durch meinen Sohn von der Explosion erfahre, statt von Ihnen - - !" [How is it, Josaphat, that I learn of the explosion through my son, instead of you - - !] B/W
  ?   Joh speaks sternly to Josaphat Y-B
  C26 2 - - 2 Joh: "Einzelheiten - - !" [Details - - !] B/W
  A27 27.40 Joh: "Why was my son permitted to go into the machine rooms?" B/W
  DDE 14.10 Joh: "Why was my son allowed to go into the machine-rooms?" B/W
  G69 12.48 Joh: "Warum wurde meinem Sohn gestattet, die Maschinenraume zu betreten?" B/W
  DDE 14.17 Close up of Josaphat listening to Joh Y-B
  DDE 14.20 Close up of Joh looking sternly at Josaphat - tells him to leave Y-B
  DDE 14.26 Josaphat walks out the door, somewhat stooped - Joh walks towards Freder Y-B
  DDE 14.29 Freder walks to his father and goes to hug him - Joh pushes him back and away Y-B
  C26 3 - - 2 Joh: "Was hattest Du in den Maschinen-Sälen zu suchen, Freder?" [For what reason did you go and look in the Hall of the Machines, Freder?] B/W
  A27 28.20 Joh: "What do these men matter to you, Eric?" B/W
  DDE 14.33 Joh: "Why did you go down there?" B/W
  G69 13.08 Joh: "Warum bist Du dort hinunter gegangen?" B/W
  DDE 14.38 John and Freder talk - Joh pushes Freder away Y-B
  C26 4 - - 2 Freder: "Ich wollte den Menschen in die Gesichter sehen, deren Kleine Kinder meine Brüder, meine Schwestern sind …" [I wanted to look into the faces of of the people whose small children are my brothers and sisters ...] B/W
  A27 28.30 Freder: "They are my brothers." B/W
  G69 13.15 Freder: "Ich wollte wissen, wie meine Brüder aussehen." [I wanted to see what my brothers looked like] B/W
  M84 13.02 Freder: "Why do we treat the workers so badly?" B/W
  A27 28.39 Joh and Freder walk together - Joh consoles Freder Y-B
  A27 28.47 Freder: "Their hands built your city" B/W
  A27 28.50 Joh and Freder walk together - Joh looks towards secretaries - tells them to stop dictating Y-B
  A27 29.00 Joh: "There are millions of hands, my son. Millions of men. Cogs on a wheel that cannot turn without a driving power." B/W
  DDE 14.47 Joh and Freder - Joh looks to right, towards secretaries - dismisses them Y-B
  DDE 14.49 Secretaries pack up their work Y-B
  DDE 14.51 Joh pushes Freder towards lounge to sit down and relax - Freder fights him - tries to explain and becomes emotional - Freder collapses on lounge Y-B
  DDE 15.22 Close up of Joh Y-B
  A27 30.25 Joh: "Nothing is important except the brain, and what it creates - Efficiency - which, in turn, has created all the wealth of the world." B/W
  DDE 15.28 Freder on lounge, in a dazed state - arms outstretched Y-B
  A27 30.50 Freder: "What shall it profit a man if he gain the World - and lose his Soul?" B/W
  DDE 15.31 Close up of Joh - looks down towards Freder Y-B
  A27 31.05 Joh: "Isn't that a quotation from some ancient religion?" B/W
  A27 31.09 Freder puts hands on chest Y-B
  DDE 15.35 Freder on lounge crying, with Joh looking on sternly - Freder gets up and approaches his father from behind Y-B
  DDE 15.52 Freder places hands on his father from behind - points out window Y-B
  C26 5 - - 2 Freder: "Deine herrliche Stadt, Vater - und Du das Hirn dieser Stadt - und wir alle im Licht dieser Stadt …. - -" [Your splendid city, father - and you, the brain of the city - and we all the light of this city ….] B/W
  A27 31.45 Freder: "Throughout history we have seen that Efficiency - without a soul - has led to War - Revolution - Chaos - and Destruction!" B/W
  DDE 15.59 Freder: "It was their hands that built this city of ours, father." B/W
  G69 14.29 Freder: "Es waren ihre Hande, die unsere Stadt aufgebaut haben, Vater." B/W
  M84 13.17 Freder: "It was their hands that built Metropolis!" B/W
  A27 31.58 Freder pleads with Joh and points to window Y-B
  C26 6 - - 2 Freder: "….und wo sind die Menschen Vater, deren Hände Deine Stadt erbauten - - - ?" […and where are the people, father, who built your city with their hands - - - ?] B/W
  DDE 16.05 Freder: "But where do the hands belong in your scheme?" B/W
  G69 14.34 Freder: "Aber welchen Platz hast Du diesen Handen in Deinem Plan zugedacht?" B/W
  DDE 16.10 View of Metropolis from the window Y-B
  A27 32.10 Freder: "For centuries we have been building a civilisation of Gold and Steel! What has it given us? Peace? Understanding? Happiness?" B/W
  DDE 16.15 Picture of futuristic Metropolis building (angular skyscrapher) - fade B/W
  DDE 16.20 Picture of futuristic Metropolis building (layers) - fade B/W
  DDE 16.27 Picture of futuristic Metropolis building (new Tower of Babel) from above B/W
  DDE 16.33 Joh: "In their proper place - the depths." B/W
  G69 15.00 Joh: "Wo sie hingehören - in die Tiefe!" B/W
  A27 32.50 Freder: "Has it brought us nearer God?" B/W
  A27 32.54 Close up of Freder with arms around Joh - turns and speaks Y-B
  C26 7 - - 2 Joh: "Wo sie hingehören …" [Where they belong…] B/W
  ?   Close up of Freder - he speaks Y-B
  C26 8 - - 2 Freder: "Wo sie hingehören …?" [Where they belong…?] B/W
  A27 33.00 Joh: "God is power!" B/W
  DDE 16.37 Fade in - rear view of stooped workers going down in a lift - fade out Y-B
  C26 9 - - 2 Freder: "…. in die Tiefe …?" [...In the depths?...] B/W
  A27 33.20 Freder: "God is Love!" B/W
  DDE 16.44 Close up of Freder thinking - speaks Y-B
  C26 10 - - 2 Freder: "Und wenn die in der Tiefe einmal aufstehen gegen Dich?" [And what if those in the depths should one day rise against you?] B/W
  DDE 16.52 Freder: "What will you do if they turn against you some day?" B/W
  G69 15.17 Freder: "Was wirst Du tun, wenn sie sich eines Tages gegen Dich wenden?" B/W
  DDE 16.59 Shot of Freder (right) staring blankly into space, with his father on the left, looking in the opposite direction - Joh turns to him, smiles mockingly, and shakes his head, indicating it will never happen Y-B
  DDE 17.06 Close-up of Joh Fredersen's desk console - flashing light Y-B
  DDE 17.08 Freder stares - Joh looks towards desk - Joh walks towards desk Y-B
  DDE 17.13 Long shot of Joh at desk console Y-B
  DDE 17.16 Shot from rear of desk - Joh closes curtains, Freder walks in a daze towards them Y-B
Grot and plans DDE 17.26 Door opens - Josaphat announces foreman Y-B
  C26 11 - - 2 Josaphat: "Der erste Werkmeister an der Herz-Maschine, Grot - - mit wichtiger Meldung …." [The first foreman of the Heart Machine - Grot - with an important message] B/W
  A27 34.05 Josaphat: "Number 7" B/W
  DDE 17.31 Josaphat: "The foreman from the central dynamo room is here with an urgent message." B/W
  G69 15.54 Josaphat: "Der Werkmeister des zentralen Kontrollraumes will Sie dringend sprechen." B/W
  M84 14.08 Josaphat: "The foreman is here." B/W
  DDE 17.40 Shot from desk towards door - Joh speaks to Freder and sits down - Grot enters and approaches desk Y-B
  DDE 17.56 Joh seated at desk, with hand in jacket pocket (gun? At ready) Y-B
  DDE 17.59 Grot begins to speak - has problems getting words out Y-B
  C26 12 - - 2 Grot: "Da sind weider zwei von den verdammten Plänen, Herr Fredersen …" [Two more of those dammed plans, Mr Fredersen...] B/W
  A27 34.45 Grot: "More of those plans, Mr. Masterman." B/W
  DDE 18.01 Grot: "More of those plans, sir." B/W
  G69 16.23 Grot: "Schon wieder solche Pläne!" B/W
  M84 14.38 Grot: "More of these strange plans, Master." B/W
  DDE 18.04 Joh in chair - turns and looks sternly towards Josaphat Y-B
  DDE 18.14 Josaphat walks from doorway towards Joh - stops Y-B
  DDE 18.18 Grot leans over and places maps on Joh's desk - Joh looks at them Y-B
  DDE 18.32 Plans on table Y-B
  DDE 18.37 Joh at desk - looks towards Josaphat Y-B
  DDE 18.40 Close up of Grot - head bowed - he speaks Y-B
  C26 13 - - 2 Grot: ".... in den Taschen von zweien, die heute an der M-Maschine verunglückt sind ...." [... in the pockets of the two who were in the M machine accident today...] B/W
  A27 35.50 Grot: "I found them in the pockets of two men who were killed to-day at the 'M' machine." B/W
  DDE 18.45 Grot: "They were found on two of the men who were killed today." B/W
  G69 17.04 Grot: "Man hat sie bei zwei Arbeitern gefunden, die heute getotet worden sind." B/W
  M84 14.56 Grot: "They were found after the explosion." B/W
  DDE 18.51 Back view of Grot at Joh's desk - Joh turns towards Josaphat Y-B
  DDE 18.58 Josaphat walks towards desk Y-B
  DDE 19.00 Freder looks on Y-B
  DDE 19.02 Joh speaks to Josaphat - does not look at him - raises plans Y-B
  C26 14 - - 2 Joh: "Wie kommt es, Josaphat, dass mir diese Pläne von Grot gebracht werden, statt von Ihnen?" [Why is it, Josaphat, that I have to learn about these plans from Grot, and not from you?] B/W
  A27 36.20 Joh: "Twice you have failed me. My son is admitted to the machine rooms, and Number 7 - not you - brings me those plans." B/W
  DDE 19.06 Joh: "Joseph, why was it not you who brought me these plans?" B/W
  G69 Joh: "Waren Sie es nicht, Joseph, der mir diese Pläne brachte?" B/W
  M84 15.05 Joh: "Josaphat, why did you not know of these plans?" B/W
  DDE 19.12 Rear side view of Joh holding plans up in front of Josaphat Y-B
  DDE 19.18 Front view of Joh with plans Y-B
  DDE 19.20 Close up of Josaphat - sweat runs down his cheek from his brow Y-B
  DDE 19.24 Joh holding up plans - looks down at plans and speaks Y-B
Josaphat dismissed C26 15 - - 2 Joh: "Die G-Bank wird Ihren Ihr Restgehalt auszahlen …." [The G-Bank will give you the balance of your wages...] B/W
  A27 37.10 Joh: "The G-Bank will pay you the balance of your salary." B/W
  DDE 19.33 Joh: "You are dismissed. Go to the G-Bank for the balance of your wages." B/W
  G69 17.48 Joh: "Sie sind entlassen. Gehen Sie zur Bank und lassen Sie sich den Rest Ihres Gehaltes auszahlen." B/W
  M84 15.15 Joh: "You're dismissed." B/W
  A27 37.14 Freder is shocked Y-B
  A27 37.16 Josaphat is shocked Y-B
  A27 37.27 Joh stands immobile, tapping glasses on table Y-B
  DDE 19.41 Josaphat receives news - bows / stoops Y-B
  DDE 19.44 Freder looks on and is dejected - shoulders stoop Y-B
  DDE 19.49 Long shot from rear of table of Joh and three stooping, dejected figures - Freder, Grot and Josaphat - Josaphat leaves Y-B
  DDE 19.59 Josaphat goes through door Y-B
  DDE 20.12 Freder looks up - pleads with father Y-B
  C26 16 - - 2 Freder: "Vater, weißt Du, was das heißt, so von Dir entlassen zu werden? - - Das heißt: Hinunter! - ? Vater - hinunter! In die Tiefe - -!" [Father, don't you know what becomes of those who are dismissed by you? - They go down! ? Father - down! Into the depths!] B/W
  A27 38.40 Freder: "Is that fair reward - for one who has faithfully served you -?" B/W
  DDE 20.26 Freder: "Father, don't you realize what it means to be dismissed by you?" B/W
  G69 18.39 Freder: "Vater, weifzt Du denn nicht, was es bedeutet, von Dir entlassen zu werden?" B/W
  DDE 20.33 Freder pleads with father - Joh shrugs his shoulders - Freder pulls back and realises his father does not care Y-B
  DDE 20.58 Shot from rear of desk - Freder runs towards door Y-B
  DDE 21.00 Rear of Joh - turns towards door Y-B
  DDE 21.02 Freder opens door and goes through Y-B
  DDE 21.06 Josaphat staggers down stairs - stops, reaches for gun Y-B
  DDE 21.15 Freder runs down stairway Y-B
  DDE 21.16 Josaphat pulls out gun Y-B
  DDE 21.17 Freder runs down stairway Y-B
  DDE 21.18 Freder reaches Josaphat as he puts gun to head Y-B
  DDE 21.19 Freder stops Josaphat shooting himself Y-B
  DDE 21.21 Joh's office - Joh and Grot Y-B
  DDE 21.24 Shot of closed doors Y-B
  DDE 21.27 Close up of Joh - looks ot doors, then turns away Y-B
  A27 40.00 Joh presses desk button Y-B
  DDE 21.29 Freder talking to Josaphat Y-B
  A27 40.10 Freder: "Will you help me, Joseph?" B/W
  DDE 21.37 Freder: "Joseph, I need your help." B/W
  G69 19.45 Freder: "Joseph, ich brauche Deine Hilfe." B/W
  A27 40.15 Close up of Josaphat pleading to Freder regarding futility of fighting his father Y-B
  C26 17 - - 2 Josaphat: "Wissen Sie, was das heisst, von Joh Fredersen so entlassen zu werden?" [Do you know what becomes of those who are dismissed by Joh Fredersen?] B/W
  A27 40.25 Josaphat goes to wall, crying - Freder thinks Y-B
  A27 40.33 Side shot of Freder approaching Josaphat from behind Y-B
  C26 18 - - 2 Freder: "Wollen Sie zu mir kommen, Josaphat?" [Will you come with me, Josaphat?] B/W
  A27 40.40 Freder: "I am going to prove to my father that the world is not made for one man - nor for a thousand - but for all Mankind." B/W
  A27 40.53 Josaphat turns around and listens to Freder Y-B
  A27 41.05 Side shot of Freder holding out arms to Josaphat - Josaphat grabs them - Freder smiles Y-B
  DDE 21.41 Freder and Josaphat shake hands Y-B
  A27 41.13 Joh looks towards desk console Y-B
  A27 41.18 Doors open - Slim enters slowly Y-B
  DDE 21.48 Freder thinking and talking to Josaphat Y-B
  C26 19 - - 2 Freder: "Gehen Sie heim, Josaphat und warten Sie auf mich... Ich habe heute nacht noch einen weiten Weg zu gehen …." [Go home, Josaphat, and wait for me... Tonight I have a long journey in front of me...] B/W
  A27 41.40 Freder: "I will not live any longer on the sweat of other men." B/W
  DDE 21.51 Freder: "I have far to go today - alone, into the depths - to my brothers." B/W
  G69 19.58 Freder: "Ich habe heute einen weiten Weg vor mir. Ich will hinunter zu meinen Brüdern." B/W
  M84 16.41 Freder: "Josaphat, will you help me?" B/W
  A27 41.47 Freder and Josaphat talking Y-B
  C26 20 - - 2 Freder: "In die Tiefe, - zu meinen Brüdern …." [Into the depths - to my brothers…] B/W
  A27 41.50 Joh and Grot at desk - Slim approaches Y-B
  A27 41.58 Close up side view of Joh Y-B
  C26 21 - - 2 Joh: "Von heute an wünsche ich, über jeden Schritt meines Sohnes genau unterrichtet zu werden...." [As of today, I would like to be informed of every step my son takes.] B/W
  A27 42.00 Joh: "My son has some strange ideas - see that no harm befalls him." B/W
  M84 16.28 Joh: "Keep my son under constant surveillance." B/W
  A27 42.12 Side shot of Slim Y-B
  A27 42.22 View of Joh and Grot - Slim leaves - fade out Y-B
Freder in machine rooms DDE 21.58 Entrance to doorway 'V' leading underground - Freder enters - opens door - smoke emitted Y-B
  DDE 22.18 Freder emerges from smoke Y-B
  DDE 22.20 Works walk by in smoke-filled area - coal wagon - man stoking a kiln Y-B
  DDE 22.29 Freder amidst smoke - wipes brow Y-B
  DDE 22.34 View of paternoster machine, with workers walking by (long shot) Y-B
  DDE 22.41 Freder looks on amidst smoke - walks towards it Y-B
  DDE 22.45 Freder approaches paternoster machine Y-B
  DDE 22.49 Georgy at paternoster machine, working Y-B
  A27   Long shot of Georgy at paternoster machine Y-B
  DDE 22.51 Freder looks on from side of machine Y-B
  DDE 22.55 Side view of Georgy at work - wipes face and brow with hand Y-B
  DDE 22.58 Freder looks on from side of machine Y-B
  C26 22 - - 2 Freder: "Brüder…" [Brother...] B/W
  DDE 23.01 Rear view of Georgy - looks towards Freder - collapses backwards - Freder catches him - looks for assistance - Georgy he revives Y-B
  C26 23 - - 2 Georgy: "…. Die Maschine! …. Es muss ein Mansch an der Maschine sein!" [...The machine! … Somebody must stay with the machine!] B/W
  A27 44.25 Georgy: "The machine! - There must be somebody at the machine!" B/W
  DDE 23.11 Georgy: "The machine! Someone must stay with the machine." B/W
  G69 21.15 Georgy: "Die Maschine! Jemand muss bei der Maschine bleiben." B/W
  M84 18.03 Georgy: "The machine!" B/W
  A27 44.29 Close up as Freder consoles Georgy Y-B
  C26 24 - - 2 Freder: "Es wird ein Mensch an der Maschine sein …." [Somebody will stay with the machine..] B/W
  A27 44.30 Freder: "There shall be somebody at the machine!" B/W
  DDE 23.22 Freder: "I will stay at the machine." B/W
  G69 21.25 Freder: "Ich werde hierbleiben!" B/W
  M84 18.10 Freder: "I'll stay at the machine." B/W
  DDE 23.25 Close shot as Freder holds Georgy Y-B
  C26 25 - - 2 Freder: "Ich." [I] B/W
  DDE 23.30 View of Freder and Georgy - Freder starts working Y-B
  C26 26 - - 2 Freder: "Höre mich an... Ich will mein Leben Dir tauschen …." [Listen to me… I would like to trade my identity with you...] B/W
  M84 18.24 Freder: "Let us trade our clothes and identities." B/W
  DDE 23.41 Freder and Georgy talk Y-B
  DDE 24.09 Freder at paternoster machine - hands Georgy two pieces of paper - talks to Georgy Y-B
  M84 18.26 Freder: "Go to this address." B/W
  DDE 24.12 Georgy looks at piece of paper with Josaphat's address - offers Freder his hat Y-B
  M84 18.31 Close up of piece of paper in hands - it reads "Josaphat, 99 block, House No 7, 7th floor." Y-B
  C26 27 - - 2 Josaphat, 99. Block, Haus 7, 7. Stock. [Josaphat, 99th Block, House 7, 7th Floor.] B/W
  M84 18.35 Georgy looks back to Freder for instructions Y-B
  M84 18.36 Close up of Freder talking to Georgy while working Y-B
  C26 28 - - 2 Freder: "Warten auf mich - beide …." [Wait for me there - the both of you...] B/W
  M84 18.36 Freder: "Tell Josaphat to wait for me." B/W
  M84 18.40 Georgy listening to Freder - shakes his head in understanding - offers Freder his cap Y-B
  C26 29 - - 2 Georgy. 11811. B/W
  M84 18.45 Rear shot of Freder - takes hat and puts it on Y-B
  DDE 24.17 Freder at paternoster machine - puts hat on Y-B
  DDE 24.22 Long shot of Freder and Georgy - Freder works machine - gives Georgy further instructions - Georgy runs off in Freder's clothes Y-B
  M84 19.06 Georgy takes Freder's car and hurries to Josaphat with the message. B/W
  M84 19.06 Photograph of Georgy standing in front of three cars - zooms in on Freder's sports car Y-B
  ? - Georgy hops into limousine - speaks to drive Y-B
  C26 30 - - 2 Georgy: "Josaphat, 99. Block, Haus 7, 7. Stock." [Josaphat, 99th Block, House 7, 7th Floor.] B/W
  ? - Limousine drives towards Josaphats - sees city lights and Yoshiwara signs Y-B
  M84 19.19 Yoshiwara graphic Y-B
  M84 19.24 Picture of Georgy in car, looking outwards at Yoshiwara Y-B
  ? - Josaphat waiting in his apartment Y-B
  C26 31 - - 2 Josaphat, 99. Block, Haus 7, 7. Stock. [Josaphat, 99th Block, House 7, 7th Floor.] B/W
  ? - Georgy exits limousine Y-B
  M84 19.28 But the beckoning lights of Yoshiwara's house of ill-repute prove to be a temptation too strong B/W
  M84 19.40 Picture of entrance to Yoshiwara's Y-B
  C26 32 - - 2 Yoshiwara B/W
  M84 19.48 Picture of close up of Josaphat Y-B
  M84 19.50 Josaphat anxiously awaits word from Freder - in vain! B/W
  M84 19.59 Pulls back to picture of Josaphat sitting in a chair in his room, smoking and waiting Y-B
  C26 33 - - 2 Yoshiwara B/W
Rolle 2 - end C26 57.00 [515 metres - 28 minutes at 16 fps - total 57 minutes] -

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