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The Canberra Collection

ScreenSound Australia (National Film & Sound Archives)

Joh Fredersen's assistant Josaphat standing in front of the digital readout machine in Joh's office. The display features information coming in from 'Sidney' Australia.


ScreenSound Australia, formerly the National Film and Sound Archive , Canberra, holds a collection of Metropolis-related material which includes two release prints of the film (one tinted), a trailer from 1939, over 200 images of the produciton within the Taussig Collection, a copy of the printed orchestra score to accompany the 1927 Channing Pollock version, and additional items such as reviews, etc. The Canberra collection is briefly described below, under the following headings:

  1. Harry Davidson Print, 1927
  2. James Peason Print, 1951
  3. Metropolis Trailer, 1951
  4. Taussig Photograph Collection
  5. Score
  6. Additional items

Item 1: Harry Davidson Print - Original silent release print - 35mm negative, 8,500 feet, tinted, no sound. NFSA item number 17332. Transferred to videotape at a projection speed of 16 fps. Approximate running time - 2hrs 24mins 15secs. This copy of Metropolis is unique in that it contains the original tinting as applied to the film during its initial release. It is also an original version - though slightly edited - of the Channing Pollock version of the film.

Below is a list of the intertitle text as contained on this original release print. The intertitle text is given on the right hand side of the table, with the time (in hours:minutes:seconds) on the left hand side. The quality of the film is good, though scratched as a result of use during its initial release. The video transfer process is of high quality, therefore there is a minimum amount of cropping of the edges of the original 35mm silent negative. This gives the image an almost panoramic - widescreen feel, especially when compared to the severely cropped and low contrast editions of the film available via modern VHS videotape and DVD. It appears from the viewing of the video copy that this version of the film was as originally edited by Channing Pollock in 1927. A number of scenes have obviously been edited out in addition to Pollock's work, most noticeably the excising of Maria's dance at Yosiwara's. Missing also are the normal Hel / George / Josephat / destruction of Moloch episodes which no longer exist in any surviving print. The excision of the Maria dance sequence is possibly due to the strong censorship which existed in Australia at the time of the film's release in 1928.

This original release print is also tinted with colours such as sepia, yellow-brown, purple and blue. The tints as applied to various sections of the film are also listed in the table below. All text in the table is as contained on the intertitles; text in square brackets thus: [....] is editorial and descriptive comment by the compiler of this site.


Harry Davidson Print - Intertitles


Adapted by Channing Pollock


An UFA Master Production

Directed by Fritz Lang

Architecture and Settings: Otto Hunte, Eric Kettelhut, Karl Vollbrecht

Photography: Karl Freund, Günther Rittau

From a Story by Thea von Harbou


John Masterman ...... Alfred Abel
Eric, his son ..... Gustav Froelich
Rotwang ..... Rudolf Klein-Rogge
Mary ..... Brigette Helm
Joseph ..... Theodor Loos
Number 7 ..... Heinrich George


We live in a world of material achievement


Our generation has seen great strides in Science ... Innovation ... Mechanical Proficiency.


We measure the distance to a star a billion miles away ... but have our aspirations lifted themselves nearer to the stars?


Our inventions turn out millions of luxuries ... all alike ... made by millions of men we are making more and more alike


We have created amazing machines ... and used them to destroy our fellow men.


But what of our hearts and minds?


Where are we going?


Shall we come to a reality like this visioned city of the future?

[Metropolis cityscape introductory graphic]


[Machines at work...]


[Clock and machines]


[Whistle, signifying change of shift]



[Men walking through tunnels at change of shift, to shaft '219'. Going down shaft]


under the earth
lay the workmen's city


[Workers arrive at bottom, shaft 716; exit on to town square, past gong monument]


as the
city lay under
ground, so high
above it towered the
Masterman Stadium -
gift of John Masterman
the richest man in Metropolis.


[Masterman Stadium]


But athletics were not the only diversions of gilded youth in Metropolis.


[Gardens of Pleasure]


[Fountain - Freder at play. 0.11.20 Maria and children enter through doors]


Every day, a little party of workmen's children were given an hour alongside the boundaries of their homes ... and, today, their guide had opened an unfamiliar door.


[Maria starring at people in Eternal Gardens]


Maria: "Look, children - these are your brothers - your sisters!"


Maria: "Look"


Maria: "These are your brothers - your sisters"

[Maria starring at Freder. Men moved in to move the group on. Freder walks off with the girls; then stars, clutching his heart]


[Maria and kids leave. Doors close. Freder follows and talks with Majordomo]


Freder: "Who was that?"


Majordomo: "No one who could possibly interest the son of John Masterman - she comes from the workmen's homes."


Eric had often thought of the workmen who toiled in the depths - had wondered how they lived - and why nobody seemed to care.

[Eric thinks, looks around the Gardens ... 0.16.10 follows Maria through doors]


As mysteriously as she appeared so she had vanished - and Eric, in his futile search, came on the threshold of a strange world.


[Freder encounters Moloch machine. Gauges rising. Explosion of Moloch machine 0.19.10 / Transformation of Moloch machine 0.19.35]


In these hungry machines, Eric saw that ancient God into whose fiery mouth the Phoenicians drove their human sacrifices.

[Workers sacrificed to the machine / 0.20.55 Transformation back to machine / 0.21.50 workers carrying off the injured. Freder runs out to street]


Freder: "To my Father"


[Streetscape, city - Joh Fredersen's office]


John Masterman - Brain of Metropolis

[Joh Fredersen is dictating / view of stressed workers in office / Joseph turns machines off and talks to Freder 0.25.15, they hug each other. Joh Fredersen sees this - look of jealousy on his face. Freder talks to his father of the Moloch explosion.]


Joh Fredersen: "Such accidents will occur."


[Joh begins to blame Joseph - moves towards him, stern stare, hands in pockets]


John Fredersen: "Why was my son permitted to go into the machine rooms?"

[Joh pushes Freder away when he pleads for compassion]


Joh: "What do these men matter to you, Eric?"


Freder: "They are my brothers."


Freder: "Their hands built your city"

[Joh dismisses his workers so they will not hear the conversation between him and his son]


Joh: "There are millions of hands, my son. Millions of men. Cogs on a wheel that cannot turn without a driving power."

[Joh tries to convince Freder, but his son pushes him back and will not be stood over]


Joh: "Nobody is important except the brain, and what it creates - Efficiency - which, in turn, has created all the wealth of the world."


Freder: "What shall it profit a man if he gain the World - and lose his Soul?"


Joh: "Isn't that a quotation from some ancient religion?"


Freder: "Throughout history we have seen that Efficiency - without a soul - has led to War - Revolution - Chaos - and Destruction!"


Freder: "For centuries we have been building a civilisation of Gold and Steel! What has it given us? Peace? Understanding? Happiness?"

[Kettelhut images of the city of Metropolis]


Freder: "Has it got us nearer God?"


Joh: "God is Power!"

[View of workers in lifts]


Freder: "God is Love!"

[Joh smiles mockingly at his son / No.7 is announced 0.33.40 / Joh closes curtains to mask view of Metropolis from above]


Joseph: "Number 7"

[Joh sits at desk, hand in jacket ?gun at ready / No.7 moves hesitatingly towards Joh, has difficulty uttering any words]


Number 7: "More of those plans, Mr. Masterman."

[Joh looks sternly at Joseph]


Number 7: "I found them in the pockets of two men who were killed to-day at the 'M' machine."


Joh [to Joseph]: "Twice you have failed me. My son is admitted into the machine rooms, and Number 7 - not you - brings me those plans."


[Joseph sweats as Joh confronts him]


Joh: "The G-Bank will pay you the balance of your salary."

[Freder stoops like the workers as his father sack his assistant; Joseph is shattered and leaves]


Freder: "Is that fair reward - for one who has faithfully served you -?"

[Joh shrugs his shoulders - a look of hatred appears on Freder's face]


[Joseph in stairwell pulls out a gun; Joh calls his man servant Slim in; Freder leaves office and stops Joseph from killing himself on stairwell]


Freder: "Will you help me, Joseph?"


Freder: "I am going to prove to my father that the world is not made for one man - nor for a thousand - but for all Mankind."

[Freder returns to his father]


Freder: "I will not live any longer on the sweat of other men."


Joh [to Slim]: "My son has some strange ideas - see that no harm befalls him."


[Freder goes down to Level V. Smoke, heat. Helps George 11811 at Paternoster machine]


George: "The machine! - There must be somebody at the machine!"


Freder: "There shall be somebody at the machine!"

[Freder takes George's place at machine. George scene at Yoshiwara cut; also scene at Joseph's flat is cut. Cut to view of Rotwang's house]


Dwarfed by the mighty towers of steel and stone, a strange house stood in the heart of Metropolis - a relic of the dim, forgotten, past.


The man who lived there - Rotwang - had worked thirty years to bring true the great dream of John Masterman.


The dream that it might be possible to go a step beyond making machines of men - by making men of machines.


Rotwang's Servant: "John Masterman"

[Rotwang / Freder at machine / George]


[Rotwang and Joh Fredersen confrontation - HEL scene cut]


Rotwang: "My work is done!"


Rotwang: "A machine that can be made to look like a man - or a woman - but never tires - never makes a mistake -!"


Rotwang: "Soon we shall do without men!"

[Rotwang lab / Robot 0.49.00]


Rotwang: "Isn't is worth the loss of a hand?"


Rotwang: "Another day's work, and no one will be able to distinguish our machine from a human being!"


Rotwang: "It lacks but one thing - a soul!"


Joh: "It is better without one."


Rotwang: "We must give it a name."


Joh: "Call it Efficiency."

[Freder at machine; back to Joh in Rotwang's office]


Joh: "Can you decipher these plans, which, every now and then are found in the pockets of my workmen?"

[Freder finds copy of plans]


Worker: "At two - after the change of shift."


[Joh looks at his 12 hr watch - it is 1pm / Freder at machine nears ends of shift]


Freder: "Father! Father! Will ten hours never end!"

[Whilstle; Freder exhausted]


Rotwang: "It's a plan of the ancient Catacombs."


Joh: "I should very much like to find out what my workmen have to do with the Catacombs."


[Maria in catacombs preaching]


Maria: "To-day I am going to tell you / the legend / of the building / of the Tower of Babel..."



Maria: "Let us build a tower that reaches to the stars"


Maria: "And let us write upon the top of the tower, 'Great is the World, and its Creator, and great is Man!"


Maria: "But the minds that conceived the Tower of Babel could not build the Tower of Babel - so they hired hands for wages."


Maria: "The hands that built Babel knew nothing of the dream of which it was born."


Maria: "And the minds that conceived Babel cared nothing for the hands that built it."

[Babel graphic, blood]


Maria: "Although speaking the same language, the people did not understand each other."


Maria: "One's hymn of praise became the other's curse."


[graphic of destroyed tower, with English logo on top]


Maria: "Brain and Hands need a Mediator."


Maria: "The Mediator between Brains and Hands must be the Heart."


Worker: "And where is our mediator, Mary?"


Maria: "Wait for him. He is sure to come."


Worker: "We shall wait ... but not much longer."

[Rotwang and Joh spy on meeting from above]


Joh: "Rotwang, give our machine the face and body of this woman."


Joh: "Keep the girl in your..., while her image preaches my will to the workmen."


Rotwang: "Leave me now, John Masterman. As you command - so shall it be."

[Freder and Maria - she kisses him on cheek]


Maria: "Tomorrow ... in the Cathedral."

[Freder kisses Maria on lips / 1.14.40 Freder departs]


[Rotwang chases Maria in Catacombs; she is terrified]


The next day, while Eric was on his way to the Cathedral for the appointed meeting with Mary -

[Maria in Rotwang's room; Freder walking in the street]


Rotwang: "Now I am ready for you!"

[Maria struggles with Rotwang; 1.22.30 Freder enters Rotwang's house]


Freder: "Mary!"


Freder: "Mary!"


Freder: "MARY!"


[Maria in transformation machine; 1.27.40 laboratory; 1.28.30 Robot transformation process]


Rotwang's machine had achieved its purpose. It had copied Mary's face and form without harm to her - yet even had he willed it - he could not transfer her soul.

[Freder trapped, then freed. He rushes to confront Rotwang]


Freder: "Where is Mary?"


Rotwang: "She has gone to your father."


Rotwang: "She belongs to your father."


Joh: "Preach to them Duty ... Humility ... Obedience to their Masters."

[Freder sees Mary in his father's arms; he freaks out; 1.34.35 in bed]


Doctor: "The crisis is passed. He will soon recover."

[Evil Maria Yoshiwara dance scene and 7 Deadly Sins cut]


[Freder back in apartment; Joseph visits]


Joseph: "I have come to tell you of the strange things that are happening -"


Joseph: "On the day on which you were taken ill - "

[Maria as vamp; throws off garter - fight]


Joseph: " - Men who had once been the best of friends, quarreled and fought for this woman."



Joseph: " - and others - "



Joseph: "And this woman, in whose wake follows every sin - "

Joseph: " - is Mary!"


Joseph: "To the workers she preaches a new doctrine - rebellion! She bids them destroy the city - its creator - and you!"


Freder: "I will see for myself."


But Mary, unchanged and unharmed by her terrifying experience, was still a prisoner in Rotwang's house.


Rotwang: "This thing that bears your image has been commanded to go among the workers and counsel endurance."


Rotwang: "But she is only a machine - made to obey my will. While my power holds, she will do so."


Rotwang: "But already I feel I have lost that power, and I am fearful of the consequences."


Rotwang: "A machine without a soul has been known to destroy its creator!"

[Evil Maria preaches to workers]


Evil Maria: "You have waited long enough!"


Evil Maria: "Whose labours have built Metropolis?"


Evil Maria: "Whose hands work the machines?"


Evil Maria: "Whose hands work the machines?"


Evil Maria: "Whose sweat oils the machines?"


Evil Maria: "Fools! Fools! Why should you continue to slave!"


Evil Maria: "Destroy the machines!"


Freder: "You are not Mary!"




Freder: "Mary preaches peace! ... This woman is not Mary!"


Worker: "This man is John Masterman's son!"


Worker: "Kill him!"


Worker: "We'll show John Masterman who rules Metropolis!"

[Workers attack Freder; George defends him and is stabbed and killed]


George: "It was my duty to my brother."

[Workers storm the lifts]


Not a man - not a woman left behind!

[Children left alone / water and breaking walls/ 1.50.00 people destroying machines/ HM2 1.50.10]


Number 7: "They are destroying everything!"


Number 7: "What shall I do?"


Joh: "Do what you can to hold them. Reason with them. Capture that girl!"


Number 7: "Listen to me - you fools. If you smash this machine, your homes will be flooded!"


The real Mary escapes.

[Maria goes from Rotwang's house to lift 717]

[Destruction of machines / flooding / elevators / flood / gong / Joseph and Freder climb brick walls / flood]


Joseph: "Get them away from here. Make for the air shafts!"


[Joh watches lights of Metropolis / they go off 2.02.32]


Servant: "Just before the reservoir burst, your son was seen descending into the workmen's city."


Joh: "Only one thing matters now; where is my son?"


Servant: "Tomorrow thousands will be asking - Where is my son?"


Freder: "I'll take the children to my father's house. Tell their mothers, Mary - then join me at the cathedral."


Number 7: "Where are your children?"


Number 7: "Your houses are flooded! Where are your children!!"


Number 7: "Who told you to smash the machines?"


Woman: "The witch is to blame!"


Number 7: "Burn the witch!"


Triumphant in her victory over mortal will, the false Mary, in wild abandon, turns from riot to revelry.


Freder: "They must have caught her on her way back to the Cathedral!"


His worst fears now a grim reality, Rotwang realised that if the mob ever found the real Mary, they would destroy him as a betrayer.


[Rotwang tries to capture Mary near Cathedral bell]


Number 7: "That is the thing you have worshipped!"


Number 7: "Where are our children?"


Joseph: "They are saved! They are in his father's house."


Joh: "God save my son!"


Maria: "Brain and Hands want to come together - but they have not the Heart. You - must show them the way."


Maria: "Remember - always - that neither of you can do without the other -"


Maria: "- that Brain and Hands are Partners!"


Mediator between Brain and Hands must be the Heart.




The End


Harry Davidson Print - Original Tints


Black and white (B/W) - Opening title sequence


Sepia brown


B/W - Opening credits


Yellow-brown - Opening credits and prelude


Sepia - Introductory machine and cityscape sequence


Yellow-brown - Change of shift, workers and their city


B/W - Masterman Stadium


Purple-pink - Gardens of Pleasure


Purple-pink to B/W - entrance of Maria and children


Yellow-brown - Freder in machine rooms, Moloch


B/W to pale sepia - Freder in taxi


Dark yellow-brown - Joh Fredersen's office


B/W - cityscape and skyscraper images


Dark yellow-brown - Joh Fredersen's office




Dark yellow-brown - Joh Fredersen's office


Yellow-brown - Freder at Paternoster machine with Georgie


Dark yellow-brown - Rotwang's house


Brown - Rotwang and Joh Fredersen, Robot sequence


Blue - Steam whistle for change of shift


Brown - Rotwang's study


B/W to pale purple-blue - Maria preaching in catacombs


B/W to pale purple - Freder and Maria in catacombs


Yellow-brown [Rotwang's study]


B/W - Freder and Maria in catacombs


Yellow-brown - Maria in transformation machine


B/W - Freder looking for Maria in city


Yellow-brown - Freder confronts Rotwang; Freder and Josephat


Purple - Evil Maria as Vamp at Yoshiwara's


Yellow-brown - Freder and Josephat


B/W - Maria and Rotwang discussion; evil Maria preaching to workers in catacombs


Yellow-brown - flood sequence and destruction of underground city


B/W and Sepia - saving of children from flood


Sepia - flood


B/W and Yellow-brown - mob scene in streets (B/W), burning of evil Maria, and fight at Cathedral

Item 2: Metropolis - 'James Pearson version', circa 1951, nitrate, composite release print, 35mm, sound, c.8500 feet. NFSA item number 10774. Editorial construction and sound and music dubbing under W. James Pearson. Director of sound recording: Ian A. Morris. Associate: Ian Vibant. Music by Queen's Hall Light Orchestra. Copy recorded on Mirrovox Wide Range System at Video Film Studios, Sydney. Running time: 95 minutes @ 24fps.

Item 3: Metropolis - trailer, 1951. NFSA item number 12935. Approximate running time: 2 minutes. Refer also items 280791, 280793, and 281138.

Item 4: Taussig Collection

The following Metropolis-related photographs are from the Taussig Collection. This comprises some 25,000 prints by the Austrian film photographer who migrated to Australia in 1939. All the items listed below are approx. 6 x 4 inch black and white copy prints. There are 220 Metropolis items in the Taussig 'B2' series and a number of related or associated items in separate series, including stuio protraits of the various stars. Reference: Time in our Hands - Report of the National Film and Sound Archive Advisory Committee, Commonwealth of Australia, Sydney, 1985, 136p

Series B2

  1. Maria kissing Freder in the catacombs (NB: this Freder is not Gustav Frohlich)
  2. Evil Maria in Yoshiwara, on the shoulders of young man and amidst a crowd
  3. Maria kissing man in catacombs (not Gustav Frohlich) - different to B2-1
  4. Angry mob running past cars in the street
  5. Evil Maria on the steps of the Moloch machine, urging on the mob below to attack the machine
  6. Evil Maria tied on to the stake
  7. Children at the gong monument during the flood
  8. Evil Maria on the 7 headed beast, with hands of the crowd of men raised towards her in the front. See also the earlier image of the hands raised towards the Tower of Babel and the later view of the children's hands raised towards Freder and Maria on the gong monument
  9. Destroyed Heart Machine
  10. Maria on gong monument
  11. Maria and Freder on gong monument with children
  12. Maria and children being told to leave the Eternal Gardens
  13. Joh Fredersen in his office
  14. Evil Maria on the stake
  15. [same as 5]
  16. Production shot - Maria in catacombs whilst being chased by Rotwang
  17. Production shot - Freder and Georgy at the paternoster machine, with Fritz Lang to the right
  18. Production shot - Fritz Lang, Karl Freund and group
  19. Production shot - constructing set in front of Rotwang's house, with skyscrapers in background
  20. Production shot - Maria at her altar
  21. Production shot - camera plus rod setup
  22. Production shot - Fritz Lang looks on with warm smile
  23. Production shot - filming of flood sequence
  24. Production shot - Fritz Lang plus group, with skyscrapers in background
  25. Production shot - Maria struggling with gong; Fritz Lang and crew to the left
  26. Production shot - Fritz Lang at camera; Neu Babelsburg crate to left
  27. Production shot - Fritz Lang, Brigitte Helm and Thea von Harbou musical group
  28. Production shot - Fritz Lang, Robot and Rotwang
  29. Maria kissing 'Freder' in catacombs (not Gustav Frohlich)
  30. Production shot: Fritz Lang, Brigitte Helm and Thea von Harbou as musical band
  31. 31 Mob holds Freder back from saving Maria on pyre
  32. Freder watches bodies being taken away after Moloch machine accident
  33. -
  34. High priest of Babel preaches
  35. High priest of Babel on steps
  36. Women in Pleasure Garden gather round Maitre d'
  37. Grot and mob
  38. Freder and Maria meet on gong monument - children below raise their hands upwards
  39. Evil Maria on the shoulders of a young man in Yoshiwara
  40. 40 Freder and girls in Pleasure Garden
  41. Destruction of Moloch machine
  42. Joh Fredersen at the HM2 viewer
  43. 7 Deadly Sins alcove
  44. Evil Maria preaching to the workers
  45. Workers in polluted air file past paternoster machine
  46. Freder coming out of the cathedral in daylight
  47. Freder standing in front of the 7 Deadly Sins alcove
  48. Fritz Lang, Karl Freund, Gunther Rittau, Brigitte helm et al. with large group of women dressed for Yoshiwara and Pleasure Gardens scenes
  49. Freder and Josephat in flooding drain
  50. 50 Rotwang grabs trapped Maria on table
  51. Grot in front of Moloch machine
  52. Worker climbs down ladder
  53. Workers at Moloch machine
  54. Evil Maria on the shoulders of a young man in Yoshiwara - arms raised up
  55. Freder crucified on paternoster clock
  56. Slim propositions Josephat in the latter's apartment
  57. Production shot: Maria with candle and Fritz Lang
  58. Freder and Maria in front of altar
  59. Joh Fredersen in front of television machine
  60. Joh and Rotwang in front of Hel monument
  61. Cross embedded in bricks within wall of catacombs, plus burial chambers
  62. Workers in elevator
  63. Mob attacks Heart machine
  64. Mob holds Freder back from saving Maria from pyre
  65. Freder on paternoster clock
  66. Evil Maria on the shoulders of a young man in Yoshiwara - pulls back top to reveal breasts
  67. Robot looks at Rotwang
  68. Maria with candle in catacombs room with skulls
  69. Production shot: Maria in catacombs
  70. Production shot: Rotwang backed by skulls
  71. Rotwang and instruments in laboratory
  72. Yoshiwara crowd and workers mob clash
  73. Freder raises arms in front of mob as Maria is on pyre
  74. Production shot: Fixing Gustav Frohlich's teeth - Fritz Lang and Karl Freund
  75. Steam whistles
  76. Mob running amongst stalled cars
  77. Joh and Rotwang in cave above Maria's altar
  78. Freder fights workers in Maria's church area
  79. People coming down stairs of Yoshiwara
  80. Evil Maria in front of doors to ?New Tower of Babel
  81. Freder at trap door
  82. Crowd at Yoshiwara stairs
  83. Evil Maria in front of doors to ?New Tower of Babel
  84. Slim, Josephat and Joh in the latter's office, lights out
  85. Joh Fredersen at his desk
  86. Freder sits in chair reading book
  87. Josephat in his apartment smoking
  88. Slim in Josephat's apartment, standing with Georgy's cap in his hand and looking questioningly towards Josephat
  89. Josephat working in Joh Fredersen's office in front of machine showing 'Sidney'
  90. Josephat on floor of his apartment, with Slim standing over him after their fight. Slim has one leather glove on his hand
  91. Man at work on Moloch machine dials
  92. Slim looks on at Freder in bed, nurse adjacent
  93. Freder and Joh in latter's office, curtains closing
  94. Group on roof of cathedral
  95. Rotwang and electric torch at entrance to trapdoor
  96. Tower of Babel
  97. Long shot of Evil Maria in front of Heart machine guages
  98. Grot in front of Moloch machine
  99. Freder and Maria at base of stairs
  100. Mob storms up steps
  101. Slim and Georgy in cab - Slim grabs Georgy
  102. Grot in front of Moloch machine
  103. Grot pulls lever to open doors to Heart machine room
  104. Grot in front of destroyed Heart machine
  105. Freder and girls in front of fountain
  106. Production shot: Hall of Machines
  107. Rotwang and Joh watch workers go down steps of catacombs
  108. Production shot: Rotwang and Joh walking down steps in catacombs with torches
  109. Slim and Josephat in front of lifts in Josephat's apartment
  110. Slim and Josephat in the latter's apartment - Slim with large hat on
  111. Freder chases girl around fountain
  112. Rotwang and the cornered trapped Maria
  113. Freder with Maria's piece of cloth on steps
  114. Mob runs down stairs towards Heart machine
  115. Girl at fountain
  116. Freder kisses girl at fountain
  117. Freder and girl at fountain
  118. Group in front of fountains
  119. Freder chases girl around fountain
  120. Freder and girl at fountain
  121. Production shot: Woman at fountain
  122. Woman at fountain
  123. Angry Grot
  124. Catacombs
  125. Hadrian Maria Netto and Georgy
  126. Maitre d'
  127. Workers walk down catacomb steps
  128. Maria and children enter Pleasure Gardens
  129. Rotwang and Freder and cloth
  130. Joh and Rotwang and Robot
  131. Joh and Rotwang closes curtains to Hel monument, with laboratory to left
  132. Production shot: Fritz Lang and Evil Maria preaching
  133. Rotwang and Josephat at trap door
  134. Maria and children enter Pleasure Gardens
  135. Rotwang and Maria at table
  136. Maria trapped in Rotwang's - stairs upwards
  137. Rotwang shines light on trapped Maria
  138. Rotwang grabs fainted Maria on table
  139. Joh stands over Rotwang on floor after having knocked him down - clenched fists
  140. Freder at door with piece of wood
  141. Maria in catacombs
  142. Maria and candle in skulls area
  143. Production shot: Maria near altar
  144. Freder and Maria close together
  145. Men attack Grot
  146. Production shot: Hall of Machines
  147. Moloch machine destroyed
  148. Heart machine
  149. Production shot: Swinging camera, rear view
  150. Crowd holds back Freder from Maria on pyre
  151. Mob in front of pyre
  152. Rotwang gets up off floor after being knocked down
  153. Flood scene
  154. Freder climbs up during flood
  155. Saving children
  156. Slim offers Josephat money in the latter's apartment
  157. Geyser in road
  158. Freder forces grate to free children trapped on stairs
  159. Freder climbs up to help children trapped on stairs
  160. Production shot: Freder kneels before Maria
  161. Car with Freder travels along raised street
  162. People in Pleasure Garden
  163. Evil Maria and mob attack Moloch machine
  164. Mob attacks Heart machine
  165. Evil Maria preaching
  166. Evil Maria inciting mob
  167. Rotwang in laboratory
  168. Men sit around model of Tower of Babel
  169. Grot and mob at Moloch machine
  170. Joh enters office
  171. Slim and Joh in office
  172. Joh and Rotwang in room, looks at watch
  173. Two Pleasure Garden girls
  174. Evil Maria dances upon serpents - squats down
  175. Evil Maria dances upon serpents - raises arms
  176. Evil Maria dances upon serpents
  177. Evil Maria dances upon serpents
  178. Evil Maria dances upon serpents
  179. Production shot: Maria practices her dance in front of Fritz Lang
  180. Slim and Joh in office
  181. Production shot: Maitre d' and girls
  182. Saving children in the flood
  183. Black Maria and leg bracelet
  184. Maitre d' and girls
  185. Children escape flood
  186. Children escape flood
  187. Maria saves children from flood
  188. Maria saves children from flood
  189. Maria in catacombs
  190. Maitre d' and girls
  191. Production shot: T of M
  192. Joh and Rotwang's servant in Joh's office
  193. Joh and Grot shake hands
  194. Josephat and Freder in Freder's room
  195. Evil Maria in bowl
  196. Joh and Freder leave the latter's room
  197. Joh in office in front of 'Sidney'
  198. Maria on gong
  199. Close up - Evil Maria of bowl with headdress
  200. Black Maria dances
  201. Evil Maria on serpent
  202. Evil Maria dances
  203. Josephat and Freder in Josephat's apartment - Freder in worker's clothes, seated
  204. Worker at machine
  205. Evil Maria on serpent
  206. Evil Maria on serpent
  207. Children at entrance to Club of Sons
  208. Joh in office
  209. Grot in Joh's office
  210. Joh in office
  211. Evil Maria on Moloch machine steps
  212. Grot whistles
  213. Heart machine destroyed
  214. Grot on Moloch machine
  215. Production shot: Freder and Josephat climbing tubes
  216. Georgy in front of New Tower of Babel looking for taxi - cars drive by
  217. Slim looks out of window of Josephat's apartment
  218. Production shot: Slim in cab with Georgy
  219. Production shot: Rotwang in front of Hel monument
  220. Newstand with crowd of people

Additional Items

ADP3 - 54 to 77 - Fritz Lang production shots - includes some Metropolis-related items

ADP3-62 - Fritz Lang and assistant producer Rudi George

Portraits (studio and postcard portraits)

EA2 65 and 72 - Gustav Frohlich

EA3 5 and 6 - Heinrich George

EA3 4 and 34, B1-101 - Rudolf Klein-Rogge

EA5 20 and 23 - Theodore Loos

EA6-22 - Fritz Rasp

WS7 21 and 30 - Camermen

EA1-1 - Alfred Abel

B1-82 - Brigitte Helm

ADP2 58 and 59 - Thea von Harbou

Item 5: Score - printed copy, 207p, n.d. Refer Metropolis Score - Channing Pollock Version web page for information on this item. It appears to be an edited version of the original score by Gottfried Hupperitz, though there are no annotations or biliographic informaiton within the publication to verify this.

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