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Section 2: Internet Web Sites - Links

The following listing of Metropolis-related Internet Web sites is arranged alphabetically by author or title. Most sites were accessed during March 1999, however individual addresses or site content may subsequently change, therefore access cannot be guaranteed. All sites are in English, unless otherwise indicated. Sites are ranked as follows:

Metropolis Web Sites - Ranking Table


4 Stars

Comprehensive Web site devoted primarily to the film Metropolis, with substantial content, both textual and graphics. Highly recommended. The three best examples of this rating are Augusto Cesar B. Areal's Metropolis Home Page, Aitam Bar-Sagi's Metropolis Reconstruction site, and Philippe Lemieux's French-language Metropolis site.


3 Stars

Site containing a substantial article or review of the film Metropolis, with or without graphics. Recommended. For example, Hyde Flippo's The German-Hollywood Connection: Metropolis and Fritz Lang (1890-1976) site.


2 Stars

Site containing a brief review of the film Metropolis. Usually 1-2 pages. For example, Robert Ebert's review at the Chicago Sun-Times, site, or Damien Cannon's at Movie Reviews UK.


1 Star

Internet site which mentions the film Metropolis in passing only. For example, an online bookstore or video store with a brief review of the film, or offering some Metropolis-related material for sale. For example,

The recent proliferation of Metropolis web sites has resulted in the dispersal of a great deal of information on the film, its history, and the various editions of Fritz Lang's masterpiece which have appeared over the years. Numerous images, whether they be photographs from the film, posters, or artworks, have appeared on these web sites. The most popular of these include images of Rotwang's robot and its transformation, the Moloch machine, and the cityscape. The international nature of the film is reflected in the variety of countries of origin of the web sites - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Americas. Whilst a search of any Internet search engine using terms such as 'Metropolis' and 'Fritz Lang' will return thousands of hits, the actual number of truly substantial sites is much smaller.

Metropolis - Internet Web Sites

3w Art, Metropolis Poster, 1999. German. Online sale site for a modern reproduction of the original 1926 Metropolis poster, featuring Maria in Rotwang's transformation machine headgear. **

Aarhus Studenternes Filmklub, Metropolis, 1998. Danish. Brief review of the film, plus an image. Includes links to other Fritz Lang films, such as Der Mude Tod and Das Nibelungen. **

Ackermann, F.J., Forrest J. Ackerman Page, 1999. Includes numerous references to Metropolis and related collectables. ** [Not available December 2000]

Aiken, Douglas, Metropolis Resurrection Page, 1998. Contains lots of great images from the film, including production shots and original intertitles.*** [Not available November 1999]

Areal, Augusto Cesar B., Metropolis Home Page, 1999. Argentinean site, with English language pages. Very comprehensive and highly recommended - one of the top three Metropolis sites. Includes sections on: * Released Versions, * Resume of the Story,* Images from the Movie, * Comparing the Versions, * The Different Soundtracks, and *Links. ****

Arnold, David M., 'Metropolis 1926 (Film Review)', The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive, 1998.**

Babson College, Metropolis, Arts and Humanities Division, Massachusetts, 22 September 1999. Contains links and images. ** [Not available December 2000]

Baker, Tom, Metropolis: A Silent Film Experience, 1999. Brief essay, with great pictures. **

Bar-Sagi, Aitam,Metropolis Reconstruction, 1998. Site dedicated to the reconstruction of Metropolis, with detailed summary of the plot, plus numerous images from the film, including those from lost scenes. ****

Beale, Lewis, 'Rootin' Teuton Retrospective: Classic posters from Germany's Ufa studio are on view at MoMA', New York Daily News Online, Archive, 27 September 1998. Notice of exhibition of Ufa film posters (1918-43) at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, from September 1998 to 5 January 1999. **

Bellotte, Pete, Cage of Freedom - Lyrics, 1998. Lyrics to the song 'Cage of Freedom' from the Georgio Moroder version of Metropolis. Sung in the film by Jon Anderson of the rock band Yes. *

Botello, Kate, Geek Library: Metropolis by Fritz Lang, (Review), 10 August 2000. **

Bourke, Nancy, How Technophobia has been Reflected in Films, 1998. Four page essay making brief reference to Metropolis. *

Brigitte Helm - Der deutsche Film von 1929 bis 1945, 1998. Site dedicated to Brigitte Helm. * [Not available December 2000]

Brill, Olaf, and Schiltke, Thomas, The Internet Source Book for Early German Film - Metropolis 1926, 1998. German / English. ***

Brown, Keith H., Metropolis (Film Review), 1998. Edinburgh University Film Society. Brief, largely negative review of the film. *

Cannon, Damian, Metropolis 1926, 1998. Two page review. **

Cinema Paradiso - Klassiske filmer - Metropolis 1926, 1999. Norwegian. Two page review. ** [Not available December 2000]

Club Foot Orchestra, 1998. Sale site for the CD of the Club Foot Orchestra's Metropolis soundtrack. *

Dahoam, Gerhard, Metropolis Screensaver (computer program) 1997. Screensaver and fonts with a Metropolis theme, for Windows 95 Plus. *** [Not available December 2000]

Darlow, Luke, Metropolis Multimedia Archive, 2000. Comprehensive site featuring images, sound, video and text. ****

DeBartolo, John, Metropolis-A Review, 1998. Four page review, plus image. **

Deren, Secil, Cinema and Film Industry in Weimar Republic, 1918-1933, 1997. Article extracted from Secil Deren's 'The Cradle of Modernity: Politics and Art in Weimar Republic (1918-1933), MSc thesis, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 1997, 129-63. ** [Not available December 2000]

Dirks, Tim, Greatest Film Movie Posters - Metropolis. Includes 3 Metropolis posters - two by Ufa, and 1 by Ufa/Paramount. **

Donaldson, Wayne, Metropolis (1926) as City Noir, 22 January 1999. Academic lecture notes. **

Dystopiate: Metropolis, 1998. Links to Metropolis sites. * [Not available December 2000]

E!online, Top 10 Oscar Snubs - Metropolis, 1998. Notes how Metropolis was not nominated for the original Oscar awards ceremony in 1927-8. It is rated number 7 on the list of undeservedly snubbed films. * [Not available December 2000]

Ebert, Robert, 'Metropolis (Film Review)', Chicago Sun-Times, 1998. Two page review. **

Elombligo, Metropolis, 1998. Spanish (Argentina). Brief review. ** [Not available December 2000]

Flippo, Hyde, The German-Hollywood Connection: Metropolis and Fritz Lang (1890-1976),1998. Good site with numerous links. ***

FluxEuropa, Alltime Best Film List, 1998. Two page review plus image. *

Films Sans Frontiers, Paris, 1999. Site containing access to copies of the 1995 FilmMuseum Munich restoration of Metropolis, available in video and on DVD, plus CD of associated score. **

FotoFetiche, Metropolis, 1999. Swedish. * [Not available December 2000]

Fritz Lang, The LSVideo Catalog, 1999. Listing of Fritz Lang films available on video. * [Not available December 2000]

From Metropolis to Blade Runner, 1998. 1 page essay. *

Garcia, Benyi, Metropolis, July 1998. Oxido Magazine, Spanish. * [Not available December 2000]

G-Bots, 1998. Digitally created robots in the style of Metropolis' Futura. * [Not available December 2000]

Goethe Institute, Fritz Lang Retro - Tiel 1 - 1919 bis 1932, 1999. German. General overview of Fritz Lang's German films. There is also a specific page for Metropolis. **

Gonzalez, Raul, [Prof. Martin] Marks gives Metropolis new life with musical score. Reproduced from The Tech, MIT, 115(19), 21 April 1995, 7. Notice of a presentation of the film accompanied by a new score. *

Greatest Films of 1926, 1998. Brief review. *

Grost, A., The Films of Fritz Lang,1999. At the Classic Film and Television web site. Detailed descriptions of a number of Lang films, including Metropolis.***

Grove, Thomas, Metropolis (Film Review), 1998. **

Hadlik, Tamara, Classic Sci-Fi: Metropolis, 1998. Item from Science Fiction World. *

Halladay, Terry, 3D Graphics Page, 1998. Includes modern 3D computer generated versions of machine and cityscape images from Metropolis. High quality, colour graphics. **

Hawkins, Erika, Fritz Lang and Metropolis: The First Science Fiction Film, 1998. Four page article. ***

Herzog, Peter, Brigitte Helm Page, 1998. This site promotes Herzog's published biography of Brigitte Helm.

History of Special Effects, 1998. German. Brief discussion of the Schüfftan mirror-shop process as first used in Metropolis. Includes diagram. *

Hobbs, Howard, 'Metropolis (Film Review)', The Daily Republican Newspaper, 6 December 1996. **

Holt, Wesley G., 'Metropolis' [Review of various DVD and Laserdisc versions of Metropolis currently available], 1999. **

imPosters, Fritz Lang's Metropolis Poster, 1999. Includes copies of the Metropolis-theme poster created for a Bob Dylan and Van Morrison concert at Madison Square Garden, on 16 January 1999. The poster is a digitally enhanced copy of the classic 1926 poster Ufa featuring the robot and skyscrapers. **

Industria, Gustav Frohlich Fan Page 1999. English / German. ***

Internet Movie Database, Metropolis, 1999. Contains brief review of the film, plus access to modern copies available on video. Also has information on the various stars of the film and those involved in its production. **

Jones Telecommunications & Multimedia Encyclopedia, Fritz Lang: Genius of Film Noir - Overview, 1998. Comprises a 9 page article on the director, including references to Metropolis. **

Kenyon, Ruth, Metropolis Musical (1989) Review, November 1998. Review of the 1989 London musical Metropolis. **

Kingston, Patrick, Metropolis, 1998. Review at the site. *

Koelbl, Tara, Economic Reflections in the Modern Architecture of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, 3 October 1996. Two page academic essay. **

Lemieux, Philippe, Metropolis, December 1999. French-language site. Highlights include introductory essay and table comparing the various available video/dvd releases of Metropolis.****

Lin, Luke, Expressionist Film in the Weimar Republic, 1998. Five page article referring to Metropolis. **

Maynard, Rome, Metropolis, 2000. Site devoted to the film, with sound, images and links.***

McCann, Jim, Metropolis Walk-Through Page, 1997. Includes a detailed summary of the film, plus numerous images. ***

McFarland, Troy, Troy McFarland Digital Work, 1999. Includes a digitally rendered collage image of various Metropolis motifs. **

McKeever, Sean, The Unofficial Elseworlds Page. Contains information on the 1996 DC Comics version of Metropolis. See also the Library of Comics web site. **

Metropolis,1998. Brazilian. Brief review. *

Metropolis, 1999. Greek. Brief review plus images. **

Metropolis, Fall 1998. German. Academic project page, featuring brief discussions and comparative images from the film. Compares Madonna's 'Express Yourself' and Queen's 'Radio ga ga' videos with original film.***

Metropolis, Germany 1926, 1998. International Historic Films Inc. video ordering form for Metropolis. *

Metropolis, por Fritz Lang, 1998. Portuguese site, with some good images. **

Metropolis Robot Figure, 1998. Online ordering site for a Futura robot figure costing US$125. *

Metropolis, 1926, Fritz Lang, Allemagne, 1998. French. Includes a summary of the film, plus data on production, special effects, and quotes from contemporary reviews. ***

Metropolis, 1999. The Film Foundation, George Eastman House. Metropolis Information page. *

Metropolis, 1998. Lecture notes, 2 pages. **

Metropolis, 1999. Brief review, at 'Missing Link - Classic Horror Films' site. **

Metropolis, 1999. 2 page article, with pictures. **

Metropolis (1926), Fritz Lang, 1998. Lecture tutorial notes, 1 page. *

Metropolis, 1998. Brief information about the film, with some links. **

Metropolis, 1997. Brief note on the showing of Metropolis at the 5th International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography. *

Metropolis, 1998. Lecture notes. **

Metropolis (Film Review), 1998. **

Metropolis, 1998. Norwegian. Brief review. *

Metropolis, 1999. Japanese. Brief review plus images from the Moroder version of the film. **

Metropolis, 1998. Italian. Two page review. **

Metropolis- Konzert, 1998. German. Notice of presentation of Metropolis at the Deutsche-Amerikanisches Institut on 17 February 1998. *

Metropolis Robot - Statue, Compulsion Creative Concepts Ltd., England, 1998. Sale site for a half-scale 85 x 35 cm (34 inch x 14 inch) resin and pewter sculpture of the Futura robot, by Michael Logan. Price: £250, US$335.**

Metropolis: la citta vista da Fritz Lang, 1998. Italian. Brief review plus image. *

Minh, Yann Nyuyen and Audemand, Raymond, Les Robots, 1998. French. Brief article which talks about * Taylorism, * Metropolis, and * Robots. *

Movieline, Metropolis, 1998. German. **

Murphy, John, Metropolis, 1998. Brief review, at the Johnny-O's Film Reviews site. *

Myman, Francesca, The Nature of the Female Cyborg: Evidence of Will in the Machanical Woman, 1996. Eleven page article. **

New York Film Annex, The Silent & Sound German Expressionist Films of Fritz Lang, 1998. New York Film Annex video site. Brief summaries of Lang's films, plus video purchase details. **

Nine Inch Nails, Metropolis Video Page, 1999. Site includes a 2 minute video extract from Metropolis with a score by the band Nine Inch Nails. **

Oswald, Jane, Metropolis, review, 1999. **

Pearson, David B., Brigitte Helm Photo Gallery, at the web site, 1999. **

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction in Movies and Television. 3: Decaying High-Tech Societies and Societies That Are Replaying the Tape of History, 1999. Lecture notes. *

Prigg, Ted, Metropolis, 1998. Brief review of the film. **

Quinn, Rev. Douglas, Metropolis- a home page for the film by Fritz Lang, 1999. Comprehensive site devoted to the film. Indispensible. **** [Site removed December 2000]

Rotwang's Hand, 1998. European Silent Cinema site, with references to Metropolis. There is also a specific Metropolis page with links to numerous stills from the movie. ***

Simaken, Metropolis - Simaken World, Japan, 2000. **

Sims, Rebecca Arwin, Gender and Utopia: The Roles of the Dual Woman in Metropolis, 25 March 1994. Two page article. **

----, The False Woman in Metropolis and Blade Runner, 11 April 1994. Two page article. **

----, The Implications of the Dual Woman in Metropolis, 29 April 1994. Two page article. **

Superman's Metropolis 1998. Mexican site, Spanish. Review of the DC Comic version of Metropolis, plus an interesting graphic. **

Trioglyzerin, Metropolis (1927) Live, German, 1998. Information regarding the musical trio Trioglyzerin and their live performances of a Metropolis score. **

Vatican, Films Chosen by the Pope, 1998. List of 45 films recommended by the Vatican and the Pope, including Metropolis. Based on artistic merit and content. *

VIVO, Online Clips of Metropolis, 1999. Online video clips of Metropolis in the VIVO format. **

VIVO, Online Clips of Metropolis, 1999. Online video clips of Metropolis in the VIVO format. **

Young, Christine, Metropolis, 2000. Brief review plus image. **

XOOM, Metropolis DVD, 1999. Online ordering site for Metropolis DVD, plus two video clips. **

Ziesing, Fabian, German Expressionist Cinema 1919 - 1933, and More on German Expressionist Cinema, 1998. Brief academic articles making reference to Metropolis. *

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Metropolis Bibliography - Introduction Metropolis Bibliography - Books, Articles and Manuscripts Metropolis Bibliography - Internet Web Sites Metropolis Bibliography - Artwork, Posters and Photographs Metropolis Bibliography - Music Metropolis Bibliography - Film Metropolis Bibliography - Videos, Quicktime, DVD Metropolis Bibliography - Reviews 1927 Metropolis Bibliography - Australia 1928 Metropolis Bibliography - Posters