The  Palm  Trees  of  Baghdad  College
In  Tribute  to  The  Jesuit  Fathers

I am trying to find the picture, of the school days that I miss,
So that I may cheat the time line, in a bid to reminisce.

In my hand is a book of teachings,
Ushered by a solid shade,
Up above,  a palm tree is standing,
Offering its gentle aid,

My mind can see their faces,
Outlined in the sand,
As my life,  has felt their graces,
In the futures,  they had planned,

The palm trees never wavered,
As the world, grew ever faster,
They stood with calming beauty,
Through triumph and disaster,

They offer  warmth and  guidance,
Yet never seek a hand,
For pride, need not be watered,
For it,  to always stand,

How can they touch, our lives so greatly,
And ask, so little, in return?
Yet how, can we repay them,
For the lessons, they helped us learn,

I think of these days that left me,
Yet  never  left  at  all,
For the “Fathers” are always there
Palm  Trees,  never  fall.


The Legend of Baghdad College

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