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Food and Society | 2020


The major in Food and Society is ideal for those interested in innovating and developing approaches to positively impact community and population health outcomes through food-focussed initiatives. The Food and Society major addresses issues related to social, cultural, environmental, economic and political factors influencing the food system and food habits of populations. Students will develop skills that include advocating for and creating healthy and sustainable food environments; identify, analyse and develop strategies to address key issues within the food system and undertake food education and communication using a range of media. Areas of study include:

  • The influence of foodways and food systems on choices, behaviours and perspectives around food.
  • The relationship of food and disease.
  • The role of food in social inclusion and the welfare state.
  • Nutrient requirements across the life course. 

Subjects Required for Major

A major in Food and Society requires the successful completion of 48 credit points of subjects in accordance with the table below.

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
Year 1
Spring session
HAS 160 Food and Society I: The What and Why of Food 6 Spring
Year 2
Autumn session
HAS 270 Sociology of Food and Nutrition 6 Autumn
Spring session
HAS 265 Food and Society II: Community Settings and Practice 6 Spring
GEOG224 The Future of Food: Resilience, Communities and Policy 6 Spring
Year 3
Autumn session
HAS 346 Social Advocacy 6 Autumn
HAS 365 Food and Society III: Contemporary Issues and Controversies 6Autumn
HAS 390 Community Engagement and Development for Social Change 6 Autumn
Spring session
HAS 351 Health Promotion Competencies 6 Spring

In addition to the subjects required for the core and major, students will need to complete 24 credit points of elective subjects from the General Schedule (Dean's Scholars are required to complete 18 credit points). No more than 12 credit points of elective subjects shall be completed at 100 level.

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Entry Requirements and Credit Arrangements 

Information on academic and English language requirements, as well as eligibility for credit for prior learning, is available from the Course Finder.

Other Information

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Last reviewed: 22 July, 2020