2020 Undergraduate Courses
  • Students are to follow the requirements of the Handbook for the year they commenced the course.

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Science Schedule of Subjects | 2020

The following are subjects offered that can be counted towards the 90 credit points of Science subjects required for a Bachelor of Science degree. Please refer to the Bachelor of Science course information for details of required subjects for specific majors. 

Any 100,200 or 300 level subject with the subject code prefixes of CHEM, BIOL, BNAN, NANO,SCII, ENVI, MARE,GEOS, EESC, SCIP, ARCH, SCIE

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
Science, Medicine and Health
SMAH200Skills to Enhance Global Employability6Not available in 2020
SCIE292Science Research Internship6Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
SCIE302Directed Studies in Science6Autumn, Spring
SCII302Science Interdisciplinary Project6Not available in 2020
School of chemistry and Molecular Bioscience
100 level subjects
BIOL103Molecules, Cells and Organisms6Spring
BNAN101Introduction to Bionanotechnology6Autumn
CHEM101Chemistry IA: Introductory Physical and General Chemistry6Autumn
CHEM102Chemistry 1B: Structure and Reactivity of Molecules for Life6Spring
CHEM103Chemistry For Engineering6Autumn
CHEM104Foundation Chemistry: Properties of Matter6Autumn
CHEM105Foundation Chemistry: Reactions and Structures6Spring
CHEM106Foundation Chemistry: Properties and Reactivity of Matter6Summer 2020/2021
SCED101Conceptions of Science6Spring
200 level subjects
BIOL213Principles of Biochemistry6Autumn
BIOL214The Biochemistry of Energy and Metabolism6Spring
BIOL215Introductory Genetics6Spring
BNAN201Biology at the Nanoscale6Spring
CHEM200Living in a Molecular World6Spring
CHEM211Inorganic Chemistry II6Autumn
CHEM212Organic Chemistry II6Autumn
CHEM213Molecular Structure, Reactivity and Change6Spring
CHEM215Food Chemistry6Autumn
SCIP200Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience Studies6Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
SCIP201Chemistry and/or Cell and Molecular Biology Research Internship6Annual, Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
300 level subjects
BIOL340Cell and Molecular Biology6Autumn
BIOL341Immunity and Infection6Spring
BIOL342Biomedical Research:Skills and Techniques6Spring
BIOL343Techniques in Biotechnology and Medical Research6Autumn
BNAN301Research Project in Bionanotechnology12Annual
CHEM324Chemical Analysis and Inference6Autumn
CHEM325Bioinformatics:Genome, Genes and Biomolecules6Spring
CHEM333Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry6Spring
CHEM360Organic Synthesis III6Spring
CHEM370Modern Inorganic and Bio-inorganic Chemistry6Spring
CHEM374Molecular Spectroscopy and Structure Elucidation6Autumn
EESC331Changing Global Environments6Spring
MARE360Fisheries and Aquaculture6Spring
SCIP300Advanced Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience Project6Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences
100 level subjects
ARCH102Big Questions in Archaeology6Spring
BIOL104Evolution, Biodiversity and Environment6Autumn
BIOL105Functional Biology of Animals and Plants6Autumn
EESC101Planet Earth6Autumn
EESC102Earth's Interconnected Spheres6Spring
EESC103Earth's Dynamic Surface6Spring
EESC105Introductory Geospatial Analysis6Autumn, Spring
SCIE103Climate Change6Spring
200 level subjects
ARCH202World Archaeology6Autumn
BIOL240Biodiversity of Marine and Freshwater Organisms6Autumn
BIOL241Biodiversity of Terrestrial Organisms6Spring
BIOL251Principles of Ecology6Autumn
BIOL252Evolution and Behaviour6Spring
CHEM214Analytical and Environmental Chemistry6Spring
EESC202Shaping Earth's Surface6Spring
EESC202Shaping Earth's Surface6Spring
EESC203Biogeography and Environmental Change6Autumn
EESC207Advanced Geospatial Analysis6Autumn, Spring
EESC209G-cubed: Geochemistry, Geochronology, Geophysics6Spring
EESC250Field Geology6Summer 2020/2021
EESC252Geology for Engineers I6Spring
GEOS215Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Palaeoenvironments6Autumn
MARE200Introduction to Oceanography6Autumn
SCIP210Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences Studies6Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
SCIP211Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences Research Internship6Annual, Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
300 level subjects
ARCH300Directed Studies in Archaeology6Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
ARCH301Archaeology in Action: Understanding the Archaeological record6Spring
ARCH302Digging Down Under: Archaeology of Australasia6Autumn
ARCH303Dung, death and decay: modern methods in Archaeology6Autumn
BIOL360Applications in Conservation Biology6Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
BIOL361Conservation Biology6Autumn
BIOL365Marine and Terrestrial Ecology6Spring
CHEM337Environmental Chemistry6Autumn
EESC320Project Management in the Earth and Environmental Sciences6Autumn, Spring
EESC321Plate Tectonics, Macrotopography and Earth History6Autumn
EESC322Coastal Environments: Process and Management6Spring
EESC323Fluvial Geomorphology and Sedimentology6Autumn
EESC326Resources and Environments6Spring
EESC328Dung, Death and Decay: Modern scientific methods in archaeology6Autumn
EESC330Advanced field skills in the Earth Sciences6Not available in 2020
EESC331Changing Global Environments6Spring
GEOS309Igneous-metamorphic geology methods and processes6Not available in 2020
MARE360Fisheries and Aquaculture6Spring
SCIP310Advanced Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences Project6Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
General Science
CIVL322Hydraulics and Hydrology6Autumn
CIVL463Applied Geotechnical Engineering6Spring
ENGG252Engineering Fluid Mechanics6Autumn
ENVE220Water Quality and Ecological Engineering6Spring
ENVE221Air and Noise Pollution Control Engineering6Spring
ENVE420Water Resources Engineering6Autumn
GEOG121Life in a Globalising World6Autumn
GEOG122Living in a Material World6Spring
GEOG221Population Geography: People, Place, Inequality6Autumn
GEOG222Society and Environment: Resources, Challenges, Futures6Spring
GEOG224The Future of Food: Resilience, Communities and Policy6Spring
GEOG231Maps and Apps for Social Scientists6Spring
INFO411Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery6Autumn
MATE201Structure of Materials6Spring
MATE304Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing6Spring
MATH141Foundations of Engineering Mathematics6Autumn, Spring
MATH142Essentials of Engineering Mathematics6Spring, Summer 2020/2021
MATH151General Mathematics 1A6Autumn, Summer 2020/2021
MATH187Mathematics 1: Algebra and Differential Calculus6Autumn
MATH188Mathematics 2: Series and Integral Calculus6Spring
MATH201Multivariate and Vector Calculus6Autumn
MATH202Differential Equations: Analysis and Applications6Autumn
MATH283Advanced Engineering Mathematics and Statistics6Autumn
MEDI100Human Structure and Function6Autumn
MEDI111Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology I6Autumn
MEDI112Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology II6Spring
MEDI113Physiology of Sport, Exercise and Physical Activities6Spring
MEDI211Control Mechanisms Physiology6Autumn
MEDI212Introduction to Pathophysiology6Spring
MEDI213Nutritional Physiology6Spring
MEDI220Musculoskeletal Functional Anatomy6Spring
MEDI221Exercise Physiology6Spring
MEDI222Foundations of Biomechanics6Autumn
MEDI258Human Neuromechanics6Spring
MEDI304Research Methods and Analysis6Spring
MEDI312Fundamentals of Neuroscience6Autumn
MEDI314Regional Anatomy6Spring
MEDI322Advanced Exercise Physiology and Metabolism6Autumn
MEDI323Cardiorespiratory Studies6Spring
MEDI330Sensorimotor Control of Movement6Spring
MEDI362Research in Human Nutrition6Autumn
MEDI381Molecular Basis of Human Disease6Autumn
MEDI382Nature and Nurture in Human Disease6Spring
PHYS141Fundamentals of Physics A6Autumn
PHYS142Fundamentals of Physics B6Spring
PHYS155Introduction to Biomedical Physics6Spring
PHYS205Advanced Modern Physics6Autumn
PHYS206Project in Physics6Autumn, Spring
PHYS215Vibrations, Waves & Optics6Autumn
PHYS225Electromagnetism and Optoelectronics6Spring
PHYS233Introduction to Environmental Physics6Autumn
PHYS235Mechanics & Thermodynamics6Spring
PHYS255Radiation Physics6Spring
PHYS295Astronomy - Concepts of the Universe6Autumn, Spring
PHYS305Quantum Mechanics6Autumn
PHYS306Project in Physics6Autumn, Spring
PHYS365Detection of Radiation: Neutrons, Electrons and X Rays6Autumn
PHYS375Nuclear Physics6Spring
PHYS385Statistical Mechanics6Spring
PHYS390Relativity, Astrophysics, and Cosmology6Autumn
PHYS396Electronic Materials6Spring
STAT252Statistics For the Natural Sciences6Spring
STAT335Sample Surveys and Experimental Design6Autumn


Last reviewed: 7 February, 2020