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Visual Arts Major | 2020

UAC Code: 754605 

This major is available for students studying the Bachelor of Creative Arts.

A major study in Visual Arts is based on studio practice and related theory and history studies. The studio processes cover painting, textiles, sculpture, photography, drawing, printmaking and installation. Student work is shown throughout the year in gallery spaces in the Faculty.

The first year provides a strong foundation in visual arts and design concepts. In second year, students move towards their chosen specialization in the studio subjects. Increased emphasis is placed on students' ability to achieve independence in ideas, technical skills, working across disciplines and work practices. The final year culminates in a major project that allows students to develop a significant work in their chosen field. Students are expected to explore and develop personal themes and ideas to a greater depth. This work is included as part of the Graduate Show, a public exhibition held in the Faculty.

Alongside the studio practice are theory subjects that provide students with the theory, history and context to support their practice. Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to contextualise their artwork in contemporary practice by developing research processes, attending exhibitions and participating in the wider artistic community.

Subjects Required for Major Study

Students studying the BCA: Visual Arts Major will complete the core subjects for the BCA, and at least 72 credit points as outlined below:

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points
CAVA105 Visual Arts and Design Foundation 1 12
CAVA106 Visual Arts and Design Foundation 2 12
CAVA107 100 Objects That Changed the World 6
CAVA201 Visual Arts Studio 1 6
CAVA203 Visual Arts Studio 3 6
CAVA204 Multiple Modernisms 6
CAVA300 The Future of Art and Design 6
CAVA301 Visual Arts Workshop 6
CAVA390 Visual Arts and Photography Major Project (Capstone) 12

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Minor Study

A 24 credit point minor in Visual Arts is available. 

Note that students cannot complete both a Major and a Minor in Visual Arts.

Minors appear on the transcript (i.e. academic record), but do not appear on the testamur. To have a minor study recorded, students must submit an Application to Declare or Change Intended Major/Minor.

Information is available on the 2020 General Schedule of Minors page.

Work Integrated Learning

Undertaking a work integrated learning (WIL) experience during your university education is a significant contributor to being competitive in securing employment in your field of choice when you graduate from UOW.

The Bachelor of Creative Arts uses as its foundation the principles of 'embedded' work-integrated learning: throughout their studies, students participate in a series of simulated workplaces in their chosen major. In the Visual Arts major, students take part in studio work and present their work in gallery and other public settings. They also develop the skills to articulate their practice through artist statements and other documents that are an essential part of a career in the creative industries.

Through these experiences, students apply their skills to a real-world context, and gain an understanding of the professional practice and industry standards.


On completion of the Bachelor of Creative Arts, high achieving students may apply to undertake an additional Honours year.

Students considering Honours in Creative Arts are encouraged to enrol in CACS331 Contemporary Theory and Research Practice in their final year of their BCA.

For more information, see Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours)

Entry Requirements & Credit Arrangements

Information on academic and English language requirements, as well as eligibility for credit for prior learning, is available from the Course Finder.

Other Information

The Faculty may apply quotas to subjects to ensure optimal class sizes.

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