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Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation | 2020

Testamur Title of Degree:

Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation



UOW Course Code:




Total Credit Points:



3 years full-time or part-time equivalent

Home Faculty:

Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

Intake Session(s):


Delivery Mode:

 On-campus (face-to-face)

Delivery Campus / UAC Code:

 Wollongong / 753100


Students will philosophically reflect on questions about art, literature, science and religion while also investigating such topics as the nature of selfhood, truth, reason and wisdom. Students will discover how great ideas and art can shape us - our understanding of ourselves and the world - and how ideas can make a difference for good or ill. This course will ensure students develop informed and reasoned views about significant contemporary concerns, such as the value of democracy, benefiting from your acquired knowledge of the history of ideas and will become acquainted with diverging perspectives from within various Western traditions of thought and art as well as under-represented voices and perspectives from outside of those traditions.

One chosen major will be completed by students in this degree. See the course structure information below for major list. 

Entry Requirements & Credit Arrangements

Information on academic and English language requirements is available on the Course Finder

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do upon completion of a course. Students graduating from this course will be able to:

CLO Description


Knowledgeably describe and analyse exemplary masterpieces of Western thought, art and architecture;


Philosophically reflect upon and aesthetically appreciate exemplary masterpieces of Western thought, art and architecture;


Critically discuss and analyse connections between Western and non-Western traditions of thought, art and architecture;


Critically examine the very idea of Western civilisation and the contribution Western ideas and ideals make to, and challenges they raise for, today’s world;


Participate in civil, rational discussion and argument, backed by reason, applying relevant social skills and acquired intellectual virtues;


Communicate effectively, open mindedly and ethically across a wide range of contexts.


Apply specialized knowledge of a chosen area of study to understand and address complex issues

 Course Structure

To qualify for award of this degree, a candidate must satisfactorily complete a total of at least 144 credit points, comprised of the following:

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points
Year 1 Core
WCIV101The Great Conversation6
WCIV102Classics of Ancient Greece6
WCIV103Wisdom, Truth and Reason6
WCIV104Aesthetics: Masterpieces of Western Art and Architecture6
WCIV105Classics of the Roman Republic and Empire6
WCIV106The Good Life and the Virtues6
Year 2 Core
WCIV201Classics of the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance6
WCIV202Early Modern Philosophy: Rationalism versus Empiricism6
WCIV203Philosophy of Religion: Reason, Faith and Revelation6
WCIV204Literature of the Late Renaissance6
WCIV205The Rise of Western Science6
WCIV206Classics of the Enlightenment and the Age of Revolutions6
Year 3 Core
WCIV301Thought and Reality: Idealism versus Realism6
WCIV302Classics of the Modern Era6
WCIV303Philosophy of Democracy: Britain, America, Australia6
WCIV304The Self in Western Thought and Art6

 Major Study

Students studying this degree will choose one 48 credit point major from the list below. Students may also have the option of choosing an alternative UOW major, subject to approval from the Academic Program Director.


Honours is a fourth year of study that provides training in independent research. Students who complete the single degree with the required academic standard are encouraged to proceed to the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation (Honours). Please refer to the handbook page for further information about the degree and entry requirements.

Other Information

UOW students who are recipients of the Ramsay Centre Scholarship will have the opportunity to enrich their education experience with an approved extra-curricular, overseas study experience.

For further information email: askuow@uow.edu.au

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