2020 Undergraduate Courses

Creative Writing Major for Bachelor of Arts| 2020

A Bachelor of Creative Arts at UOW encourages you to immerse yourself creatively, critically and practically. The Creative Industries is one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic sectors in the world. 

In the digital age, writing is becoming more and more central to the way we communicate with each other. The Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) teaches skills and strategies so your writing is strong and clear. It helps you express ideas in imaginative ways that will impact your readers. Creative writers work in a range of areas: poetry, editing, writing for multimedia, commercial and content writing, commercial theatre and performance, short stories and novels, or even in ways that combine or challenge these forms. Creative writers might write to entertain or to educate – but they’re always drawing on the human condition, exploring what it means to be human.

This course is designed to teach you to think about your story, image and scene. Creative writers draft and re-draft so their work is at its best, and this process is exciting. 

Entry Requirements & Credit Arrangements

Information on academic and English language requirements, as well as eligibility for credit for prior learning, is available from the UOW Course Finder.

Major Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this major students will be able to:

CLO Description
1 Identify how creative writing has developed as a discipline and how it relates to other areas of study
2 Identify and utilise a range of creative writing strategies across a range of fictional and non-fictional genres
3 Apply a variety of drafting and sub-editorial skills to produce creative texts in a range of dramatic, poetic or narrative forms
4 Evaluate critical theory and apply this to reflect personal writing practice
5 Examine and contextualise creative writing from a diverse range of social, cultural and creative influences in a national and international context
6 Understand and evaluate the ways in which writers create their work and develop it professionally within the constraints of the writing 'industry'

Subjects Required for Major Study

Students studying the Bachelor of Arts Creative Writing major will complete at least 48 credit points as outlined below:

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points
Year 1
CACW100 Introduction to Creative Writing 6
CACW103 Editing Foundation 6
Year 2
CACW231Writing, Representation and Power 6
Plus a minimum of ONE from the following:
CACW201 Poetry Studio 6
CACW202 Script Studio 6
CACW203 Prose Studio 6
Year 3
CACW301 Writing Across Borders 6
CACW303 Genre and Form 6
CACW304 Critical / Creative Writing6
ENGL383 English and Creative Writing Capstone: Ways of Reading and Writing (Capstone) 6

Click on subject codes in the above table for information on sessions of offer for each subject. To find out specific information on timetables, tutorials and classes, visit the Timetable page.

Minor Study

A 24 credit point minor in Creative Writing is available. Information can be found on the 2020 General Schedule of Minors page.

Students cannot complete both a major and minor in Creative Writing. 

Work Integrated Learning

Undertaking a work integrated learning experience during your university education is now a significant contributor to being competitive in securing employment in your field of choice when you graduate from UOW.

The internship program provides students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their degree in a workplace setting.

Students are also encouraged to consider CRLP200 'Career Ready Learning and Practice' (6cp). CRLP200 includes a quality assured workplace internship or industry project to give you that competitive edge by developing your professional skills through authentic learning in a real world context. You will focus on your career goals and receive career direction guidance, strengthen your resume and gain skills to navigate the rapidly changing world of work, develop your communication skills and begin to build a professional network.


See Bachelor of Arts (Honours).

Other Information

For further information email: askuow@uow.edu.au

Last reviewed: 23 July, 2020