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Health Promotion | 2020


The major in Health Promotion focuses on developing students’ skills to promote and protect people’s health through individual, community and population initiatives. This major applies a social determinants of health framework and is based on the principles of promoting social justice and reducing health inequity; promoting inclusiveness; and establishing sustainable physical, social and economic environments that are supportive of all people.

Core areas of study include understanding the health of populations; skills in obtaining, reviewing and analysing health information; planning and managing a health program or project; and health promotion.

Following successful completion of the health promotion major, students will be qualified to take advantage of the career opportunities in local, national and international health organisations; multinational corporations; community organisations; statutory authorities; and a variety of government departments.

Subjects Required for Major

A major in Health Promotion requires the successful completion of 48 credit points of subjects in accordance with the table below.

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
Year 1
Spring session
HAS 140Health Communication6Spring
Year 2
Autumn session
MARK213Marketing Principles6Autumn, Spring
Spring session
HAS 215Healthy Public Policy6Spring
MARK320Social Marketing6Spring
Year 3
Autumn session
HAS 346Social Advocacy6Autumn
HAS 390Community Engagement and Development for Social Change6


Spring session
HAS 351Health Promotion Competencies6Spring
HAS 348Social Innovation and People Centred Design6Spring

In addition to the core subjects required for the Bachelor of Public Health and selected major, students will need to complete 24 credit points of elective subjects from the General Schedule (Dean's Scholars are required to complete 18 credit points).  No more than 12 credit points of elective subjects shall be completed at 100 level.

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Entry Requirements and Credit Arrangements

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Other Information

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