2020 Undergraduate Courses

Mathematical Economics Major | 2020

The aim of this major is to provide students with a grounding in the necessary skills for the application of mathematical methods, concepts and reasoning to economic theory and problem solving in both micro-economics and macro-economics. The mathematical foundation includes econometrics, financial and linear modelling and calculus, differential equations, statistics and associated topics.

Subjects Required for Major Study

The following subjects must be completed within the Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (Honours) degree to satisfy the requirements of the Mathematical Economics major:

CSIT110, ECON100, ECON205, ECON215, ECON305, ECON331, ECON339, MATH123, MATH305 

The following program of study is recommended to satisfy this major in the Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (Honours) degree in minimum time.

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
Year 1
ACCY111Accounting Fundamentals In Society6Autumn, Spring
FIN 111Introductory Principles of Finance6Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
MATH100Introduction to Mathematics6Autumn
MATH187Mathematics 1: Algebra and Differential Calculus6Autumn
ACCY112Accounting In Organisations6Autumn, Spring, Summer 2020/2021
MATH123Discrete Mathematics and Difference Equations6Spring
MATH188Mathematics 2: Series and Integral Calculus6Spring
STAT101Introduction to Statistics6Spring
Year 2
FIN 222Corporate Finance6Autumn, Spring
MATH201Multivariate and Vector Calculus6Autumn
MATH202Differential Equations: Analysis and Applications6Autumn
STAT201Random Variables and Estimation6Autumn
ECON100Economic Essentials for Business6Autumn, Spring
FIN 223Investment Analysis6Autumn, Spring
MATH203Linear Algebra and Groups6Spring
STAT202Statistical Inference and Introduction to Model Building6Spring
Year 3
CSIT110Fundamental Programming with Python6Autumn
ECON215Microeconomic Theory and Policy6Autumn
MATH317Financial Mathematics6Autumn
STAT332Generalised Linear Models6Autumn
ECON205Macroeconomic Theory and Policy6Autumn, Spring
ECON339Applied Financial Modelling6Spring
FIN 322Advanced Corporate Finance6Spring
Plus ONE subject chosen from the List of Electives
Year 4
INFO401Mathematics and Finance Honours Project12Annual, Spring 2020/Autumn 2021
MATH305Partial Differential Equations6Autumn
MATH407Research Methods6Autumn
Plus ONE 400-level MATH/STAT/INFO subject from the List of Electives
ECON305Economic Policy6Autumn
ECON331Financial Economics6Spring

Entry Requirements & Credit Arrangements 

Information on academic and English language requirements, as well as eligibility for credit for prior learning, is available from the Course Finder.

Other Information

For further information email: eis@uow.edu.au

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