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Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) | 2018

Testamur Title of Degree:

 Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) 



UOW Course Code:




Total Credit Points:



 1 year full-time or part-time equivalent

Home Faculty:

 Faculty of Social Sciences

Intake Session(s):

Autumn, Spring

Delivery Mode:


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The Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) is a fourth year of study for high achieving students in the Bachelor of Social Science and Bachelor of Social Science (Dean's Scholar). The Honours degree provides students with the opportunity to undertake research on a topic of interest related to their major and is designed to provide students with skills to demonstrate excellence in research with a clear understanding of a research question in relation to current knowledge.

The degree represents a gateway to future research opportunities, both in the form of higher research degrees and as a career in research, or other vocations that require advanced analytical and research skills.

Entry Requirements

Information on academic and English language requirements, as well as eligibility for credit for prior learning, is available from the Course Finder

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do upon completion of a course. Students graduating from this course will be able to demonstrate:

CLO Description
1 Gain in-depth knowledge of Social Science theory as it applies to a specific practical Social Science research topic.
2 Develop methodological skills in exploring a key Social Science issue in the community.
3 Conceptualise, plan, undertake and report on an independent Social Science research project.
4 Communicate a coherent and sustained argument, explaining and disseminating research results and conclusions.

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) requires the successful completion of a 48 credit point program of advanced study, as specified in the following table. The structure of the program may vary from discipline to discipline, but will include a thesis of at least 24 credit points.

Students enrol in the appropriate Honours program for their chosen discipline. Part-time options are available in some disciplines but must be arranged with the Head of School for the particular discipline. Students enrolling in the part-time option will need to successfully complete 48 credit points of the equivalent part-time subjects.

Not all disciplines accept enrolments commencing in Spring. You should discuss your plans with an academic adviser in time to plan your entry to honours. 

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points

Criminology, Health Promotion, Public Health, Social Marketing, Social Policy

Full-time Year 1

HAS 400 Honours 48

Part-time Year 1

HAS 402 Honours Part 1 (Part-time Students) 24

Part-time Year 2

HAS 403 Honours Part 2 (Part-time Students) 24

Human Geography

Full-time Year 1

GEOG401 Human Geography Honours Full-time 48

Part-time Year 1

GEOG404 Human Geography Honours Part 1 (Part-time Students) 24

Part-time Year 2

GEOG405 Human Geography Honours Part 2 (Part-time Students) 24

For information regarding timetables, tutorials, and classes please the visit the Timetables and Classes page.

Students completing an honours year in one of the following disciplines will remain enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) degree but complete the subjects specified for that study area in the Bachelor of Arts (Honours):

  • Community, Culture & Environment
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Sociology

Honours Method

The Honours grade will be calculated in accordance with the University of Wollongong Method 1, i.e. based entirely on performance in 400 level subjects. For further information refer to General Course Rules.

Other Information

For further information please email: ssc@uow.edu.au

Last reviewed: 8 February, 2018