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Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health (Nutrition) | 2018

The Nutrition major builds basic science knowledge and skills in biology, chemistry, biochemistry and physiology to underpin fundamental nutrition concepts such as nutrient structure and function. It introduces the relationship between food and health, and the application of this knowledge in various settings in the community including the food industry.

This major meets all pre-requisites for undertaking accredited Master’s programs in Nutrition and Dietetics at UOW (and all programs throughout Australia) and can lead to pathways in further scientific research (Honours, PhD), public health (including progression to a Master of Public Health), a professional career in medicine (via graduate-entry medical courses), or in teaching (through teaching degrees).  The grounding in the science of nutrition would also lend itself well to branching out into other areas with further study such as commerce, law or business administration, all of which deal with the governance of food in society and in which a science background would be useful.

Major Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from a major in Nutrition will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic sciences in relation to nutrition and the interactive role of nutrition in health and the prevention of disease.
  2. Illustrate an awareness of food as a source of nutrients, an appreciation of food habits and can identify the social and cultural importance of food.
  3. Appraise nutrition science knowledge and skills that can be applied in scholarship and throughout the human life cycle.
  4. Appreciate the range of applications of nutrition science within research and social environments.

Major Structure

The schedule for students undertaking the Nutrition major for the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health for 2nd and 3rd year, including core and major subjects is detailed below. 

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
Year 2
BIOL213 Principles of Biochemistry* 6 Autumn
CHEM212 Organic Chemistry II* 6 Autumn
CHEM215 Food Chemistry 6 Autumn
MEDI211 Control Mechanisms Physiology* 6 Autumn
BIOL214 The Biochemistry of Energy and Metabolism* 6 Spring
BIOL215 Introductory Genetics* 6 Spring
MEDI150 Fundamental Concepts in Food and Nutrition 6 Spring
STAT251 Fundamentals of Biostatistics 6 Spring
Year 3
CHEM358 Pharmacology* 6 Autumn
MEDI363 Community and Public Health Nutrition 6 Autumn
MEDI362 Research in Human Nutrition 6 Autumn
BIOL341 Immunity and Infection* 6 Spring
MEDI213 Nutritional Physiology 6 Spring
MEDI355 Nutrition and Food Innovation 6 Spring
MEDI380 Integrated Science in Medicine (iSIM)* 12 Annual

*Subjects required for the course common core. These subjects are listed on the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health main page.  

PSYC101 is recommended as the 1st year Autumn elective subject for the Nutrition major. BIOL341 requires BIOL340, which is not part of the Nutrition major, and will require a waiver.

Entry Requirements and Credit Arrangements

Information on academic and English language requirements, as well as eligibility for credit for prior learning, is available from the Course Finder.

Other Information

For further information please email: smah-students@uow.edu.au

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