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Bachelor of Computer Science - Bachelor of Science | 2018

Testamur Title of Degree:

Bachelor of Computer Science - Bachelor of Science



UOW Course Code:




Total Credit Points:



4-4.5 years full-time or part-time equivalent

Home Faculty:

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

Intake Session(s):


Delivery Mode:

On-campus (Face-to-face)

Delivery Campus / UAC Code:

Wollongong / 751402

*This value may be higher depending on the combination of majors chosen.


Double degrees aim to broaden a student's knowledge and skill base and improve career options in competitive, increasingly interactive fields. The programs are designed to enhance a student's educational, academic and professional qualifications whilst minimising the costs of their studies.

Study science subjects in addition to a major in Computer Science in order to increase employment opportunities in areas such as scientific programming or scientific management.

Entry Requirements & Credit Arrangements

Information on academic and English language requirements, as well as eligibility for credit for prior learning, is available from the Course Finder. Students must seek advice and approval from both Faculties prior to enrolment.

Course Learning Outcomes

A number of the course learning outcomes in each of these degrees complement and consolidate outcomes in the partner degree. Applied across two discipline areas, the outcomes are achieved at a broader and more comprehensive level. The outcomes which are common and consolidated in this joint degree ensure that on successful completion of the course students will be able to:

CLO Description
1 Demonstrate sound disciplinary knowledge.
2 Exercise critical thinking and employ novel approaches to problem solving.
3 Demonstrate and deploy knowledge, skills, theory and practice in to produce disciplinary work.
4 Communicate effectively to a range of audiences through a range of mediums.

Please refer to the Undergraduate Course Handbook page of each individual degree for a comprehensive list of degree course learning outcomes.

Course Structure 

To qualify for the double degree of the Bachelor of Computer Science - Bachelor of Science, students must complete the subjects and credit points as prescribed in the following program and, in so doing, satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Computer Science and the Bachelor of Science, respectively. Students must complete a minimum of 216 credit points, comprised of the following:

  1. Computer Science component to the value of at least 120 credit points, consisting of 96 credit points of core subjects and an additional 24 credit points of 300 level computer science subjects, which could form a major;
  2. Science component consisting of at least 90 credit points, including the completion of at least one major from the Bachelor of Science; and
  3. Electives to bring the total credit points to 216.
  4. No more than 90 credit points in 100 level subjects. 

Candidates must maintain a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 65 at the end of each year, otherwise they must show cause as to why they should be permitted to remain registered for the two courses.

Candidates who, at the end of any year of registration, have satisfied the minimum rate of progress requirements as specified in the General Course Rules, but who do not have a WAM of at least 65 and who have not given adequate reason as to why they should be permitted to continue with registration for the joint course, will be required to transfer into either a Bachelor of Computer Science or a Bachelor of Science. 

Please refer to the separate entries for the Bachelor of Computer Science and the Bachelor of Science.


Candidates may apply within normal procedures to register for either the Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) or the Bachelor of Science (Honours), or sequentially for both degrees, after the satisfactory completion of the joint program.

Professional Recognition/Accreditation

The Bachelor of Computer Science is accredited by the Australian Computer Society as meeting requirements for membership at a “Professional level”.

Physics major: membership of the Australian Institute of Physics.

Chemistry major: membership of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

Other Information

For further information email: eis@uow.edu.au or Academic Program Director

Last reviewed: 23 November, 2017