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Bachelor of Science | 2018

Testamur Title of Degree:

Bachelor of Science



UOW Course Code:




Total Credit Points:



Minimum 3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
(Full-time duration could vary depending on the major chosen, please see entry requirements for more information)

Home Faculty:

Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

Intake Session(s):


Delivery Mode:

On-campus (Face-to-face)

Delivery Campus / UAC Code:

Wollongong / 757621

*Mid-year entry for the Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Bionanotechnology, Conservation Biology, Environment, Medical Biotechnology or Medicinal Chemistry) must be in consultation with the relevant Head of the School. For these majors, the minimum duration to complete the degree after mid-year entry is 3½ years full-time or part-time equivalent.


Students may gain a comprehensive education in Science by selecting a major study and a range of elective subjects. The major areas of study comprise: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology and Physical Geography and Environmental Geosciences. Other interdisciplinary majors are Conservation Biology, Environment, Medical Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry and Bionanotechnology.

The flexible structure of the major and electives allows students to design their study program to meet their particular interests and abilities. Students may combine their chosen Science major with a second major chosen from outside the Faculty, or with a range of elective subjects.

Entry Requirements and Credit Arrangements

Information on academic and English language requirements, as well as eligibility for credit for prior learning, is available from the Course Finder.

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do upon completion of a course. Students graduating from this course will be able to demonstrate:

CLO Description
1 Demonstrate broad and coherent knowledge of the principles and concepts associated with a specific discipline area of science.
2 Demonstrate technical and cognitive skills in locating, discriminating and explaining information in relation to an area of science.
3 Exercise critical thinking and problem solving.
4 Demonstrate how knowledge and skills in an area of science can be applied in scientific or scholarly works.
5 Communicate clearly and coherently knowledge and ideas to others.

Course Structure

To qualify for award of the degree, the Bachelor of Science, a candidate must successfully complete at least 144 credit points, as outlined below. 

Please note:

  • Students who have not completed HSC Mathematics at Band 4 or higher (or equivalent) are required to complete a mathematics subject (MATH151 or equivalent), normally in the first year.
  • Students may only count 60 credit points of 100-level subjects towards the degree.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 24 credit points of 300-level subjects.
  • Students must have a grade of Pass (not Pass Supplementary) or higher in at least 24 credit points of 300-level core subjects which form part of a Science major.
  • The requirements for a Bachelor of Science can be met by completing a flexible major, which may be combined with a second major from another Faculty; or a prescribed major.

Major Study Areas

Flexible Majors

One major chosen from disciplines located in the Faculty. A major study consists of at least 90 credit points from the Science Schedule, including the specified core subjects for one of the Bachelor of Science disciplines:

The balance of 54 credit points (to a degree total of 144) may be chosen from either the Science Schedule or General Schedule, and may include a selection of complementary or contrasting subjects, or other subjects with the approval of the Course Coordinator or Head of School. A minimum of 24 credit points at 300-level is required.

Prescribed Majors

One of the five interdisciplinary, prescribed majors where the course program is prescribed for each year.


Students with a good academic record, particularly in third year, are encouraged to proceed to the Honours year in the discipline of their major. The Honours year is a fourth year of study that provides training in independent research.

For further information refer to the separate entry for the Bachelor of Science (Honours).

Other Information

For further information please email: smah-students@uow.edu.au

Last reviewed: 27 November, 2017