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Health Informatics Minor | 2017

This information is for students commencing their course in 2017. Students follow the rules and requirements for the year they commenced their course. Please refer to the Archives link in the menu for years prior to 2017.

The Health Informatics minor provides a general background in IT core areas required for IT professionals including programming, systems analysis and design, databases, human computer interaction and security.  This minor will provide a solid foundation for those wishing to continue either into postgraduate Medicine or into a Health Informatics Master’s program, and is particular well suited to those wishing to combine Medicine with Information Technology (Health Informatics).

Along with a pathway to entry into postgraduate medical school, this degree also provides a pathway into a Master of Health Informatics or Master of Information Technology, which can lead to careers as an IT Health Informatician, Health Informatics Administrator or Educator, along with other areas such as Health Leadership Management, Health Data/Information Management, Health Administrator, or Health IT Technologist. The Health Informatics minor can also lead to Honours and research based Masters or continuing towards a PhD in health informatics.

Minor Structure

The schedule for students undertaking the Health Informatics minor for the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health for 2nd and 3rd year, including core and minor subjects is detailed below.

Subject CodeSubject NameCredit PointsSession(s)
Year 2 
BIOL213Principles of Biochemistry*6Autumn
CHEM212Organic Chemistry II*6Autumn
CSIT110Programming with Python6Autumn
MEDI211Control Mechanisms Physiology*6Autumn
BIOL214The Biochemsitry of Energy and Metabolism6Spring
BIOL215Introductory Genetics*6Spring
CSIT114Systems Analysis6Spring
NMIH205Cultural Competence in Health Care Practice*6Spring
Year 3   
BIOL340Cell and Molecular Biology6Autumn
Plus complete one of the subjects below
CSIT115Data Management and Security6Autumn
CSIT113Problem Solving6Autumn
BIOL341Immunity and Infection*6Spring. Not available in 2017
CSIT214IT Project Management6Spring
CSIT226Human Computer Interaction6Spring
MEDI380Integrated Science in Medicine*12Annual. Not available in 2017

*Subjects required for the course common core. These subjects are listed on the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health main page.

Last reviewed: 14 November, 2016