2017 Undergraduate Courses
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Management | 2017


Management is the art and science of planning, coordinating and leading group efforts. It is the mobilising of human and material resources to achieve organisational goals.

You will study management from a range of perspectives, each aimed at expanding your management knowledge and future success in management roles. You’ll learn how to strategically manage both physical and intangible assets for organisational success. You will do this by gaining a sound understanding of the framework of organisational structures, including the local and international environments in which they operate. Final year subjects will have you identifying and analysing quality management systems, strategically managing risk and developing international business strategies.

Subjects Required for Major Study 

Subject Codesubject NameCredit PointsSession(s)
MGNT201Organisational Behaviour6Autumn
MGNT206Managing Human Resources6Autumn, Spring
OPS 216Operations Management6Spring
MGNT311Management of Change6Spring
MGNT314Strategic Management6Autumn, Spring
MGNT351Responsible Leadership6Autumn
Plus 12 credit points from the following:
MGNT209Managing Knowledge in Organisations6Not offered in 2017
MGNT210Managing Across Cultures6Autumn
MGNT215Small Business Management6Not offered in 2017
MGNT220Organisational Analysis6Spring
MGNT332Entrepreneurship6Not offered in 2017
MGNT389International Business Management6Autumn
MARK344Marketing Strategy*6Spring
OPS 350Continuous Quality Improvement6Spring
OPS 370Project Management6Not offered in 2017
COMM391Professional Experience in Business6Autumn, Spring

* Note: Students can count MARK344 Marketing Strategy in their Management major only if they also complete a major in Marketing.

Professional Recognition / Accreditation

A Bachelor of Commerce (Management) enables graduates to meet the membership requirements of relevant professional associations, depending on the subjects completed. For more information, visit Professional Accreditation and Recognition.

Other information

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