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Science and Technology Studies Major | 2017

This information is for students commencing their course in 2017. Students follow the rules and requirements for the year they commenced their course. Please refer to the Archives link in the menu for years prior to 2017.

Should we cycle to uni instead of driving because of climate change? Why are some people concerned about the health risks of mobile phones whilst others see them as a safe and essential way of communicating? What are the issues with using genetic testing to select for particular traits in future children? Science and Technology Studies (STS) provides you with the tools to answer some of these questions and many more. In STS you can study everything from Galileo's conflict with the Church over his sun-centred theory of the cosmos to international law relating to biotechnology regulation and policy responses to climate change.

Science and Technology Studies (STS) is an interdisciplinary program that covers:

  • History & philosophy of science, technology & medicine;
  • Sociology of science & technology;
  • Science & technology policy;
  • Environmental history & sociology.

STS's emphasis on building critical analytical skills from an interdisciplinary base is widely recognised by international bodies involved in governance, regulation and policy development as providing graduates with invaluable knowledge and experience for addressing the many complex real-world problems facing humanity in the 21st century. The mix of policy-relevant skills and contextual knowledge about science, technology and the environment to which STS graduates are exposed makes them highly employable upon completion of their degrees.

Whether you are enrolled in an Arts, Science, Engineering, Education or Commerce degree, you can do a minor in STS and get credit points toward your degree program.

Students enrolled in either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies degree can pursue STS as a single major or in combination with another major.

Major Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this major students will be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate key concepts from Science and Technology Studies that have contributed to research in its various sub-fields and how they are relevant to other areas of study;
  2. Exercise critical thinking and judgment to generate solutions to a range of problems in science and technology policy and decision-making processes;
  3. Create coherent analytical narratives which engage with key contemporary theories in Science and Technology Studies and related fields of study. 

Subjects Required for Major Study

A major in Science and Technology Studies consists of at least 48 credit points as outlined below.

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
Students must complete ONE from the following:
STS 100Knowledge, Culture & Social Change: Science, Technology & Society6Autumn
STS 112The Scientific Revolution6Spring
SOC 251Social Aspects of Genetics and Biotechnology6Autumn
SOC 347Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine6Spring
STS 209Sociology of Knowledge:Theories, Methods & Practices in the Sciences6Spring
STS 302Climate Change Policy,Possible Futures (Capstone)6Autumn
STS 303Social Policy, Innovation & Politics6Not available in 2017
Plus at least TWO from the following. ONE of these must be 300 level:
STS 216Environmental Sociology and Politics6Spring
STS 286Risk, Media and Communication6Autumn
STS 307Research Topics in Science and Technology Studies6Not available in 2017
SOC 234Social Research Methods6Spring
SOC 329Social Transformation6Not available in 2017
CST 244Cultural Investigations6Spring
CST 361Cultures of Sex, Gender and Sexuality6Not available in 2017
POL 309Global Political Economy6Not available in 2017

Minor Study

A minor in Science and Technology Studies (STS) is available and consists of at least 24 credit points from the schedule of the STS major. The minor must include at least 12 credit points at 200 level or higher and must include at least three STS subjects.


See Bachelor of Arts (Honours).

Credit Arrangements

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Other Information

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