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Indigenous Studies Major | 2017


Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary major that is designed to equip students to think reflexively about issues that impact on Indigenous individuals and communities on a local, national and global scale. Indigenous Studies emphasises the role of Indigenous people as active knowledge producers rather than simply the subjects of other people's knowledge.

Indigenous Studies is anchored in the critical study of Australian Indigenous experiences. This includes a focus on cultural, political, economic and social factors that have shaped, and continue to shape, the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This is enriched through the study of international Indigenous experiences and engagement with a range of Indigenous perspectives and organisations on a global scale.

Indigenous Studies explores the controversies, complexities and contradictions that shape what it means to be Indigenous in Australia and the world today.

Major Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this major students will be able to:

  1. Identify how Indigenous Studies has developed as a focus of scholarly inquiry and how it relates to other areas of study;
  2. Evaluate the ideologies and paradigms that continue to shape both popular and scholarly understandings of Indigenous peoples;
  3. Analyse, both critically and reflectively, Indigenous peoples’ understandings of themselves and the world;
  4. Evaluate the major social and political influences that have underpinned the history of colonisation and resistance. 

Subjects Required for Major Study

A major in Indigenous Studies consists of at least  48 credit points as outlined below.

The major consists of four core subjects that all students must undertake and other elective subjects offered by the Indigenous Studies Unit together with a choice of subjects offered by other participating Faculties. Students are advised to consult with the Indigenous Studies Unit about available subjects prior to enrolment.

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
ONE from the following:
INDS150Introduction to Indigenous Australia6Autumn
INDS130Indigenous Knowledge in Global Contexts6Spring
INDS207Critical Themes in Indigenous Studies6Autumn
INDS208Working with Indigenous Communities6Spring
INDS305Research and Indigenous Communities (Capstone)6Not offered in this year

Plus at least FOUR from the following. At least THREE must be at 300 level.

As part of the four subjects either of the following 100 level subjects not already taken as a core can be selected:

INDS130Indigenous Knowledge in Global Contexts6Spring
INDS150Introduction to Indigenous Australia6Autumn
INDS205Redefining Eden: Indigenous Peoples and the Environment6Not offered in this year
INDS206Indigenous Self-Representation in Contemporary Texts6Spring
INDS302Indigenous Thinkers: Global Perspectives6Not offered in this year
INDS303Indigenous Youth and Cultural Production6Not offered in this year
INDS304Special Topic in Indigenous Studies6Not offered in this year
AUST101Australian Studies: Cultures and Identities6Autumn
CST 130Cultures in Context6Not offered in this year
PHIL151Logic: The Art of Reasoning6Spring
SOC 103Introduction to Sociology6Autumn
CAVA123Australian Aboriginal Arts6Autumn
CAVA232Contemporary Indigenous Art: Theory and Practice6Autumn
HIST292Power and Protest in Australia6Not offered in this year
MEDI243Comparative Indigenous Health Issues6Not offered in this year
PHIL218Ethics: Good, Bad and Evil6Autumn
SOC 225Youth Cultures6Spring
SOC 227Genders and Sexualities6Spring
SOC 234Social Research Methods6Spring
PHIL226Global Ethics6Spring
CST 361Cultures of Sex, Gender and Sexuality6Not offered in this year
CST 371Race and Place6Not offered in this year
ENGL381Animals and Ecology in Literature and Film6Not offered in this year
HIST351Debates in Australian Cultural History6Not offered in this year
LAW 344Indigenous Peoples and Legal Systems6Spring
MEDI341Research in Indigenous Health6Not offered in this year
MEDI343Indigenous Community Development: Social and Emotional Wellbeing6Not offered in this year
HAS 350Social Determinants of Indigenous Health6Spring

Minor Study

A 24 credit point minor in Indigenous Studies is available.


See Bachelor of Arts (Honours).

Credit Arrangements

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Other Information

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