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Public Health | 2017


Public Health is a stream of social science that aims to improve health and build a quality of life that goes beyond freedom from deprivation and disease. Public health professionals apply knowledge and skill based on the systematic and scientific analysis of populations and their environments to identify problems and formulate solutions.

Subjects Required for Major Study

A major in Public Health requires the successful completion of 48 credit points of subjects in accordance with the table and recommended progression below.

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
Year 2
HAS 230 Contemporary Public Health Issues 6 Autumn
HAS 231 Health Promotion 6 Autumn
GEOG231 Maps and Apps for Social Scientists* 6 Spring
HAS 251 Introduction to Epidemiology 6 Spring
Year 3
HAS 349 Research Skills in Public Health 6 Autumn
HAS 350 Social Determinants of Indigenous Health 6 Spring
HAS 346 Social Advocacy 6 Spring
HAS 347 Social Sciences Project 6 Spring

* Students at Shoalhaven campus will need to substitute GEOG231 with a suitable 200 level subject, such as CRLP200 or SOC234. See your academic advisor for further information.

Credit Arrangements

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