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Digital Media and Communication Major | 2017

This information is for students commencing their course in 2017. Students follow the rules and requirements for the year they commenced their course. Please refer to the Archives link in the menu for years prior to 2017.

The internet revolution has brought to life a new ecology of networked digital media, radically changing the way we work, play, and communicate. The Digital Media and Communication area of study uses an innovative blend of teaching methods to ensure that graduates have the necessary communication competencies to navigate and take the lead in the ongoing digital media revolution.

Compulsory subjects provide students with an understanding of the core cultural and technological dynamics of contemporary digital media. These subjects offer a framework of practical competencies to operate successfully as a professional communicator in a global media environment.

Elective subjects allow students to develop digital media skills and understanding in important applied contexts such as Journalism, Political Communication, and Media Arts.

Students will be equipped with critical awareness and practical skills suited to a wide range of employment opportunities in the traditional and new media industries.

Subjects Required for Major Study

A major in Digital Media and Communication consists of at least 48 credit points as outlined below. 

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
BCM 112Convergent Media Practices6Autumn
MEDA101Introduction To Media Arts6Autumn
BCM 206Global Networks6Spring
Plus ONE from the following :
BCM 302Digital Communication Practice: Final Project6Not offered in this year
MEDA301Media Arts Workshop6Autumn
Plus a minimum of FOUR from the following electives. At least THREE must be at 300 level.
MEDA102Computational Media6Spring
JRNL102Convergent Media Reporting and Production6Spring
BCM 207Digital Dissent6Autumn
MEDA201Time, Space & Data6Autumn
MEDA202System, Play & Interaction6Spring
BCM 300Digital Game Cultures6Not offered in this year
BCM 320Digital Asia6Not offered in this year
BCM 325Cybercultures6Not offered in this year
MEDA302Media Arts Project6Spring

Minor Study

A 24 credit point minor in Digital Media and Communications is available.

Credit Arrangements

Credit and articulation arrangements are available from the Course Finder. Refer to UOW's credit arrangements for information on how to apply for credit.

Other Information

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