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Photography Major | 2017

This information is for students commencing their course in 2017. Students follow the rules and requirements for the year they commenced their course. Please refer to the Archives link in the menu for years prior to 2017.

This major will equip you with the technical, conceptual and theoretical skills to embark on a career as a practicing visual artist or in other related fields such as commercial, documentary or multi-media photography and design. The course will cultivate informed practitioners through visual experiences and critical thinking.

You will undertake a range of studies in diverse studio subjects including digital photography and Photoshop, printing, studio lighting (portraiture and still life), fieldwork site and context, photo- assemblage and series and photography in the expanded field of new technologies (including audio and the moving image).

You will develop practical studio skills alongside an understanding of traditions and concepts relevant to photography in historical, theoretical and contemporary visual art contexts. You will study under the guidance of some of Australia’s leading contemporary photographic practitioners and scholars.

This major can accompany another major within the Bachelor of Arts to add a creative aspect to your degree.

Major Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this major students will be able to:

  1. Identify how Photography has developed as a discipline and a profession and how it relates to other disciplines and professions;
  2. Resolve visual ideas through management of self-directed photographic art projects;
  3. Generate individual photographic artworks that express a distinct point of view;
  4. Evaluate key historical and theoretical debates that have shaped contemporary art and apply insights to personal practice.

Subjects Required for Major Study

A major study in Photography consists of 48 credit points comprised of the subjects outlined below.

Subject CodeSubject NameCredit PointsSession(s)
CAVA124Introduction to Photography 16Autumn
CAVA125Introduction to Photography 26Spring
CAVA224Advanced Photography 16Autumn
CAVA225Advanced Photography 26Spring
CAVA324Advanced Photography 36Autumn
CAVA325Advanced Photography 46Spring
LHA 301Capstone6Autumn, Spring First Offered 2018
Plus ONE from the following:
CAVA331Contemporary Artworlds6Autumn
CAVA332Globalisation and Contemporary Art6Spring

Minor Study

Minor in Photography is available and consists of at least 24 credit points of subjects from the schedule of the Photography major.

Credit Arrangements

Credit and articulation arrangements are available from Course Finder. Refer to UOW's credit arrangements for information on how to apply for credit.

Other Information

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