2017 Undergraduate Courses
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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical and Mining Engineering) | 2017

This information is for students commencing their course in 2017. Students follow the rules and requirements for the year they commenced their course. Please refer to the Archives link in the menu for years prior to 2017.

Course Structure 

Subject CodeSubject NameCredit PointsSession(s)
Year 1
ENGG102Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics6Autumn
ENGG103Materials in Design6Autumn
ENGG105Engineering Design for Sustainability6Autumn
MATH141Foundations of Engineering Mathematics6Autumn, Spring
ENGG100Engineering Computing and Analysis6Spring
MATH142Essentials of Engineering Mathematics6Spring, Summer 2017/2018
ENGG104Electrical Systems6Spring
PHYS143 Physics For Engineers6Spring
Year 2
CHEM103Introductory Chemistry For Engineers6Autumn
MECH203Mechanical Workshop Practice0Autumn
ENGG251Mechanics of Solids6Autumn
ENGG252Engineering Fluid Mechanics6Autumn
MATH283Advanced Engineering Mathematics and Statistics6Autumn
MECH252Thermodynamics, Experimental Methods and Analysis6Spring
EESC252Geology for Engineers I6Spring
MECH201Engineering Analysis6Spring
MINE220Underground Mining Methods6Spring
Year 3
MINE211Surface Mining Methods6Autumn
MINE312Mine Ventilation6Autumn
MECH321Dynamics of Engineering Systems6Autumn
MECH215Mechanical Engineering Design 16Spring
MECH226Machine Dynamics6Spring
MECH365Control of Machines and Processes6Spring
Year 4
MECH419Finite Element Methods in Engineering6Autumn
MECH341Thermodynamics of Engineering Systems6Autumn
MECH382Manufacturing Engineering Principles6Autumn
MECH326Dynamics of Mechanisms6Autumn
MINE322Foundations of Mine Planning6Autumn
MECH311Mechanical Engineering Design 26Spring
MINE323Mining Geomechanics6Spring
MINE324Mineral Processing6Spring
MECH343Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics6Spring
Year 5
ENGG454Professional Experience0Annual, Autumn, Spring
ENGG461Managing Engineering Projects6Autumn
MINE411Health & Safety in Mines6Autumn
MINE416Mine Valuation6Autumn
MINE422Mine Planning and Development6Spring
MINE333Resource Estimation6Spring
MECH372Solids Handling and Process Engineering6Spring
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) students must complete ONE of the following two research options:
ENGG452Thesis A12Annual, Spring 2017/Autumn 2018
ENGG453Thesis B18Annual, Spring 2017/Autumn 2018
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Scholar) students must complete ENGG453
ENGG453Thesis B18Annual, Spring 2017/Autumn 2018

Please note that this double major in Mechanical and Mining  Engineering requires students to complete more credit points (cp), that the 240 cp for a standard engineering double major - it will require 246 cp, when students complete ENGG453. Any questions should be directed towards the Academic Program Director.

* 18 credit point thesis is equivalent to the 12 credit point thesis and one 6 credit point elective.

Credit Arrangements

Refer to UOW's credit arrangements for information on how to apply for credit.

Professional Recognition/Accreditation

UOW's engineering programs are accredited by Engineers Australia and relevant world engineering bodies through the Washington Accord. This ensures recognition by equivalent professional engineering bodies in the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

UOW is a member of the Group of Eight (G08) Deans of Engineering and Associates, in recognition of being among the top Australian engineering faculties. This achievement is a direct result of our world class reputation in teaching and research. 

Other Information

Academic Program Director

Mechanical: Dr Buyung Kosasih email: buyung@uow.edu.au
Mining: A/PR Ernest Baafi email: ebaafi@uow.edu.au

The Academic Program Directors may change every session. Please contact the faculty for more information.
Email: eis@uow.edu.au

Last reviewed: 28 February, 2017