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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical, Computer, Telecommunications) SECTE Elective Subjects | 2017

This information is for students commencing their course in 2017. Students follow the rules and requirements for the year they commenced their course. Please refer to the Archives link in the menu for years prior to 2017.

These SECTE Elective Subjects are common to the Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications majors.

Subjects appearing on this list will only count as a Core Subject, a Major Subject or an Elective Subject (each can only be counted once).

Unless class numbers warrant it, not all Elective Subjects will be offered in any year.

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
ECTE401 Multimedia Signal Processing 6 Autumn
ECTE412 Power Electronics and Drives 6 Spring
ECTE423 Power System Analysis 6 Autumn
ECTE426 Power Distribution Systems 6 Spring
ECTE427 Renewable and Embedded Generation 6 Not offered in this year
ECTE428 Energy Efficiency in Electricity Utilisation 6 Not offered in this year
ECTE431 Real-Time Computing 6 Not offered in this year
ECTE432 Computer Architecture 6 Spring
ECTE433 Embedded Systems 6 Autumn
ECTE441 Intelligent Control 6 Autumn
ECTE442 Computer Controlled Systems 6 Autumn
ECTE465 Wireless Communication Systems 6 Spring
ECTE468 Coding and Error Correction 6 Not offered in this year
ECTE469 Queuing Theory and Optimization 6 Spring
ECTE471 Robotics and Flexible Automation 6 Spring
ECTE482 Network Engineering 6 Autumn
ECTE496 Optical Communication Systems 6 Spring
INFO411 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 6 Autumn

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