2016 Course Handbook
  • Students are to follow the requirements of the Handbook for the year they commenced the course.

    However, the subject links below do not contain the subject information for the current year. You can view current subject information through the new Course Handbook.

General Schedule of Minors | 2016

The course information on this page is for new students commencing their degree in 2017 only. 

Students should follow the rules and requirements for the year that they commenced their course. The online course information for years prior to 2016 are available from the Archives link in the menu.

Students should also review current subject availabilities via the Subject Descriptions link in the menu.

The minor studies listed under the links below are available to all Bachelor degree students at UOW. Minor studies consist of at least 24cp and are available in a range of areas. To have a minor study recorded, you must apply using the Application to Declare or Change Intended Major/Minor form available from Student Central.

Students should check that there is room within their degree structure to accommodate a minor study and still meet their degree requirements. If in doubt, students should seek academic advice before undertaking a minor study.

Students should also note that some subjects listed for minor studies may require other subjects as pre/co-requisites and that due to demand or space limitations, some subjects may have quotas. Students are advised to check for specific subject information in the online subject database before selecting subjects.

Faculty of Business 

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences 

Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts 

Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health 

Faculty of Social Sciences  

International Studies Minor




Last reviewed: 22 November, 2016