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Master of Philosophy

The University of Wollongong offers several different options for students wishing to study a Master of Philosophy degree. These are listed below.

Faculty of Business - Course Code: 1351

Master of Philosophy - Specialisations:  Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing (Wollongong)

Master of Philosophy - Specialisations: Health Services (Sydney campus only), Business (innovation campus only)

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences - Course Code: 1352

Master of Philosophy - Specialisations:  Computer Science, Electrical Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, Mathematics, Mechatronic Engineering, Statistics (Wollongong). Information Systems, Information Technology (Wollongong and Distance)

Master of Philosophy - Specialisations: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Radiation Physics, Mining Engineering, Physics

Faculty of Law, Humanities and Arts - Course Code: 1353

Master of Philosophy - Specialisations: Law, Maritime Studies (Wollongong)

Master of Philosophy - Specialisations: Creative Arts (Wollongong)

Master of Philosophy- Specialisations: No specific specialisation / field of study / discipline for Arts (Wollongong)

Faculty of Social Sciences - Course Code: 1355

Master of Philosophy - Specialisations: Education (Distance and Wollongong), Psychology (Wollongong)

Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Course Code: 1354

Master of Philosophy / Master of Philosophy - Specialisations:  Health and Medical Science, Indigenous Health, Midwifery, Nursing, Public Health (Wollongong)

Master of Philosophy - Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Geography (Wollongong)

Last reviewed: 28 March, 2013