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Doctor of Public Health

Testamur Title of Degree:

Doctor of Public Health



My University:

Public Health


3 years full-time or part-time equivalent

Total Credit Points:

48 credit points per annum

Delivery Mode:

Supervised individual research and face-to-face classes

Starting Session(s):

Autumn, Spring



UOW Course Code:





The Doctor of Public Health is a professional doctorate degree granted on successful completion of an approved program of coursework, in addition to a supervised independent original investigation of a significant problem in public health, and presentation of the research as a thesis. This degree prepares students for leadership positions in the public health sector that require advanced analytical and/or conceptual capabilities.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge

To qualify for entry to the program, candidates must have a Master of Public Health degree or equivalent, usually at credit level or higher, or an Honours Bachelor degree of at least Class II, Division 2 standard in a relevant discipline, followed by the equivalent of at least one year of full-time postgraduate study approved as relevant by the course coordinator.

Students should preferably have 2 or more years of appropriate professional experience, and have demonstrated potential capacity for leadership in the area of specialisation. Applicants should submit a record of professional experience and names of two appropriate referees.

Applicants must have agreement from a potential research thesis primary supervisor to enrol in the course.

International students are required to have achieved an IELTS score of 6.5, with a minimum of 6.0 in all bands of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Course Requirements

The Doctor of Public Health takes a minimum of 3 years of full-time study. It includes a coursework component and a research component. There will be no credit granted for previous graduate study at Masters level. The coursework involves a maximum of 1 year of full-time study (48 credit points). The research component of the program involves at least 2 years of full-time enrolment (96 credit points), undertaking a research thesis following completion of the coursework component.

Individual coursework will be negotiated with the student in consultation with the potential research thesis primary supervisor, recommended by the Course Coordinator and approved by the Head of School. The coursework must be passed with a credit average to allow progression into the research component of the course. If a student does not maintain a credit grade average he/she will be required to exit the course by transferring to a relevant Graduate Certificate or the Masters in Public Health where academic credit can be awarded for completed studies and if required further coursework study can be completed to enable award of the Graduate Certificate or Masters degree.

In addition to the credit grade average, the student must have developed a research project proposal and obtained agreement of a primary supervisor who has that role approved by the Head of School. The research project is developed over time into a written proposal which is submitted for panel assessment, in addition to oral presentation to an assessor panel of the School. This normally occurs within the equivalent of twelve months of full time study following initial enrolment. On successful completion of the research proposal, the student undertakes the research under supervision. At the end of this period the student will submit a thesis for examination under the regulations for Doctoral Theses of the University.

Supervisors can be drawn from any major study area of the School. Normally the study area will be directly related to Public Health. In the event a primary supervisor is not in public health, a co-supervisor must come from public health.

Field of Study

• Allied health education and practice

• Biomechanics

• Cardiovascular physiology

• Exercise physiology

• Exercise rehabilitation

• Functional anatomy

• Health policy

• Health promotion

• Human thermoregulation and applied physiology

• Metabolic and lipid chemistry

• Motor control and the neural control of movement

• Occupational Health & Safety

• Neuroscience

• Nutrition and dietetics

• Occupational health and safety

• Public health

• Public health nutrition

Applicants who have not had a background in public health are advised to take the 4 subjects listed below as part of their coursework. Some applicants may be advised to undertake other specialised subjects in preparation for their research.

Subject Code

Subject Name


Credit Points

SHS 933

Social Determinants of Public Health



SHS 940

Statistics in Health Research



SHS 932




SHS 941

Public Health Research Methodology






Thesis for full-time students

Thesis for part-time students

Autumn, Spring

Autumn, Spring



Full-time students are required to submit their theses no later than 8 academic sessions from the commencement date of candidature.

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