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Double Degrees and Additional Information

Double Degrees

Students may combine their Health and Behavioural Sciences studies with studies in a number of other faculties, and qualify for the award of two degrees. Double degrees are designed to allow students to complete two degrees together in less time than it would normally take to complete them individually. Double degrees are offered with the Faculty of Commerce and the Faculty of Law, and may be available with other faculties after consultation with the Sub-Deans. Students must satisfy the entry requirements of both degree programs and seek advice from both faculties regarding subject selection.

Double degrees, where both single degrees are normally of three years duration each, will be a minimum of 216 credit points and take a minimum of four years to complete.

Double degrees, where one of the single degrees is normally of four years duration, will be a minimum of 264 credit points and take a minimum of five years to complete.

For all double degrees, candidates are required to complete a minimum of 90 credit points of subjects from each of the Faculties, which incorporates the subjects required for a major or degree specialisation from that Faculty. The remaining minimum credit points required to complete the total required for the double degree may be chosen from either Faculty.

Candidates should be aware that the number of credit points required varies for each major and completion of more than the minimum number of credit points may be required in order to satisfy the requirements of a particular major or degree specialisation.

Students may be given exemptions for the requirement of a core subject where equivalences exist between subjects, but the credit point requirements may still need to be met by completing alternative subjects to the same credit point value.

Double Degrees belonging to the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Psychology - Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Commerce

Double Degrees belonging to Other Faculties

Faculty of Law

Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Laws

Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering- Bachelor of Science

Additional Information

Criminal Record Checks

NSW Health requires all students undertaking clinical placement as part of a health related course to undergo a national criminal record check. The criminal record check must be obtained before a student can attend any clinical placement in a health facility. Students will be provided advice at enrolment and orientation on the process to be followed to obtain a suitable criminal record check. If a student's criminal record check indicates convictions it will not necessarily exclude them from a clinical placement. Each situation will be individually assessed in a confidential consultation between the student and a representative of NSW Health.

Note that there is a cost associated with obtaining a Criminal Record Check. It is the responsibility of the student to meet this cost. Fees are listed on the NSW Police Force application form.

Child protection legislation enacted in July 2000 requires each student to complete and sign a Prohibited Employment Declaration for each clinical placement. The relevant forms will be provided to you as needed.

For further information on Criminal Record Checks visit Student Clearances for Clinical Placements - NSW Department of Health.

Infectious Diseases

NSW Health also requires students undertaking clinical placement in health facilities to be compliant with certain vaccinations to ensure the safety of both students and patients. This information will be provided at enrolment and orientation.

Fee Information

For tuition fee information please see the following:

Domestic - http://www.uow.edu.au/student/finances/index.html

International - http://www.uow.edu.au/student/finances/UOW008306.html