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Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science Honours

Testamur Title of Degree:

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science (Honours)



BSc (Hons)

Home Faculty:

Health and Behavioural Sciences


3 years full-time or part-time equivalent

1 year full-time or part-time equivalent (Honours)

Total Credit Points:


48 (Honours) as an additional year

Delivery Mode:


Starting Session(s):




UOW Course Code:


748 (Honours)

UAC Code:

See UAC code under specific major



069719B (Honours)


The Bachelor of Science offered by the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences (UOW Course Code 749) offers students the opportunity to enrol in a major in a number of disciplines, including Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Psychology.

Assumed Knowledge

Domestic school leavers are assumed to have completed at least 2 units of English at HSC level. Some majors also assume that students have completed 4 units of Science and/or Maths.

International students are required to have achieved an overall IELTS score of 6.5, with a minimum level of 6.0 in all bands of reading and writing, speaking and listening.

Alternative pathways exist for mature age domestic students.

Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Science requires the successful completion of 144 credit points of subjects in accordance with the table set out under each major. Elective subjects are chosen from the Health and Behavioural Sciences, Science or the General Schedules.

Subjects to a value of at least 90 credit points of subjects must be selected from the Health and Behavioural Sciences schedules. Credit points taken as part of a major owned by the Faculty of Health & Behavioural Science count towards this 90 credit point requirement.

Students may undertake no more than 60 credit points of 100-level subjects.


The Bachelor of Science (Honours) is designed to provide students with skills to demonstrate excellence in research with a clear understanding of a research question in relation to current knowledge. The degree program fosters the following abilities and skills: plan, design and perform a research project; collect and analyse data; evaluate data; synthesise results and integrate with relevant ideas and concepts; communicate findings; and put relevant principles into practice.

Entry into the Bachelor of Science (Hons) requires the student to have attained at minimum of a credit average in subjects undertaken during their undergraduate degree. However, a credit average does not guarantee entry into Honours, and additional selection criteria may apply depending on the discipline in which Honours is undertaken.

As specific entry requirements vary from School to School, students considering applying for enrolment in the BSc (Hons) should first contact the Honours Coordinator for the School in which they are interested in pursuing Honours. It is strongly recommended that student seek academic advice prior to enrolling their subjects in Year 2 and in Year 3 of their degree to ensure that specific entry requirements for Honours are met.

In addition to achieving a minimum credit average and any other selection criteria, admission to the Bachelor of Science (Hons) will also be dependent upon the availability of an appropriate supervisor, who must be identified by the applicant before applying for entry.

Major Study Areas

Exercise Science



Psychology and Biology

Other Information

Further information is available at http://coursefinder.uow.edu.au/ or email: HBS - hbs_central@uow.edu.au