General Elective Subjects

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Importance of WIL

Often the missing link between an employers’ ‘wish list’ and a student, is a track record in a variety of workplace experiences. WIL subjects addresses this link by enabling students to see the relevance of their course content applied to real-world situations. Not only do these  work related experience increase your employability – they can also clarify your career intentions.

What is WIL?

Work integrated Learning is an umbrella term for a range of approaches and strategies that integrate theory with the practice of work within a purposefully designed curriculum. Work-integrated learning is learning that focuses specifically on experience (or simulated experience) of the workplace. It contributes to career development learning, but also might contribute to academic or subject based curricular.

Examples include internships, professional practice, practicums, teaching and clinical placements, apprenticeships, field work, community based learning, work/job shadowing, vacation work and enterprise projects.

WIL Subjects

Career Readiness (all disciplines)

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
CRL 100 Career Ready Learning 6 Spring
CRLP200 Career Ready Learning & Practice 6 Autumn, Spring
GWP 800 Global Workplace Practice 6 Spring
GWP 900 International Workplace practice 6 Trimester 1, Trimester 3


Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
COMM391 Professional Experience in Business 6 Autumn, Spring
ACCY945 Intercultural Professional Practice (Business) 12 Trimester 1/Trimester 2
MGMT908 Human Resources Development 6 Not available in 2017

Engineering and Information Sciences

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
ENGG102 Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics 6 Autumn
ECTE399 Professional Experience 0 Autumn, Spring
ENGG255 Professional Option 2 6 Annual
ENGG355 Professional Option 3 6 Annual, Spring 2017/Autumn 2018
ENGG454 Professional Experience 0 Annual, Autumn, Spring
ENGG455 Professional Option 4 6 Not available in 2017
ENGG456 Engineering Project A 6 Autumn, Spring
ENGG942 Professional Practice 12 Annual, Spring 2017/Autumn 2018
ENGG943 Engineering Professional Placement 6 Not available in 2017
ISIT200 Industry Placement 0 Autumn, Spring

Law, Humanities and Arts

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
CACS301 Professional Practice 6 Spring
CACS302 Creative Arts Internship 6 Annual, Autumn, Spring
INTS399 International Studies in Practice 8 Autumn, Spring
JRNL304 Journalism Internship 6 Autumn, Spring
LLB 324 Public Interest Law 8 Spring
LLB 397 Legal Internship 2 Not available in 2017
POL 301 Politics Internship 16 Autumn, Spring

Science, Medicine and Health

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
BIOL232 Biology Research Internship 6 Annual, Autumn, Spring, Summer 2017/2018
CHEM232 Chemistry Research Internship 6 Annual, Autumn, Spring, Summer 2017/2018
DIET451 Dietetics 2 8 Spring
DIET452 Communication in Healthcare Practice 8 Spring
DIET951 Dietetics 2 8 Spring
DIET952 Communication in Healthcare Practice 8 Spring
DIET954 Practical Studies in Nutrition and Dietetics 24 DIET Annual, DIET Autumn, Spring, Spring 2017/Autumn 2018
EESC250 Field Geology 6 Summer 2017/2018
EXSC320 Exercise Prescription 16 Autumn
EXSC420 Clinical Exercise Physiology 24 Autumn
EXSC421 Clinical Practicum 16 Spring
EXSC422 Advanced Workplace Injury Management for Exercise Physiologists 8 Spring
MEDI601 Medicine 1 24 GSM Ph1 S1, GSM Ph1 S3, GSM Ph1 S2
MEDI602 Medicine 2 24 GSM Ph2 S2, GSM Ph2 S1
MEDI603 Medicine 3 24 GSM Ph3 S2, GSM Ph3 S1
NMIH104 Art and Science of Nursing B 6 Autumn
NMIH107 Essentials of Care B 6 Spring
NMIH202 Developing Nursing Practice 1 6 Autumn
NMIH207 Developing Nursing Practice 2 6 Spring
NMIH208 Mental Health Nursing 1 6 Spring
NMIH301 Nursing Care of People with Chronic Conditions 6 Autumn
NMIH302 Mental Health Nursing 2 6 Autumn
NMIH308 Transition to Professional Practice 6 Spring
NMIH320 Clinical Practice 1 6 Spring
NMIH321 Clinical Practice 2 6 Autumn
SCIE292 Science Research Internship 6 Annual, Autumn, Spring, Summer 2017/2018
SCIE392 Science Research Internship B 8 Not available in 2017

Social Sciences 

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
EYFE301 Early Intervention - A Broad Approach 6 Autumn
EYLL102 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood 6 Spring
EYLL302 Birth to 3 Years: Developing Language Interactions 6 Spring
EYLL402 Children's Literature in the Early Years 6 Spring
EYPD102 Observing Children 6 Spring
EYPD201 Curriculum Content and Programming 6 Autumn
EYPD401 Early Years Project 12 Annual
EYTE401 Contemporary Theories and Practice in Early Childhood 6 Autumn
Early Childhood - Professional Partners Program Coordinator - Dr Jane Warren
Primary Education Professional Experience - Ms Robyn Lumby
Secondary Education Internships/Work Placements - Ms Robyn Lumby

Other Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Programs

For information on how to increase your employability through the participation of work-integrated learning programs including the please refer to the WIL page.

Last reviewed: 30 March, 2023